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I've always admired the web site tools from Xara tools; in fact, I've been providing their 3d heading generator  and free trial graphic software downloads as a service via Taming the Beast for nearly 2 years.

Xara have recently released an exciting new service called Xara Online. These tools are specifically designed for beginner webmasters or site owners who don't have time or the inclination for messing around with complicated coding. 

There's nothing to download or install, it's all controlled by your web browser and all the tools and add-ons can be customized to suit your web site's look and feel. You simply complete the wizards and then a snippet of code is generated which you paste into the appropriate spot on your web page.

Here's what Xara Online are offering at the moment (they are constantly adding new tools):

  • Membership Manager
  • Site Updater
  • File Protect
  • News Release Publisher
  • FAQ Publisher
  • RealTracker
  • Hit Counter
  • Banner Ad Manager
  • TextMe
  • Feedback Form
  • Audio Message on your web site
  • Animated Text Effects 
  • Message Scroller
  • Horizontal Marquee
  • Message Presenter
  • Sliding Messages
  • Typewriter Text
  • Spinning Text Maker
  • Web Graphics 
  • Heading Maker
  • NavBar Maker
  • Banner Ad Maker
  • Button Maker
  • Photo Tools 
  • Photo Gallery
  • SmartPhoto
  • Animated Photo effects 
  • Slide Show- image effects
  • Cross Fade- image effects
  • Book Flip- image effects
  • Snow- image effects
  • Droplets- image effects
  • Rippling Reflection- image effects
  • Spectrum - image effects
  • Group SMS Personal
  • Group SMS Business
  • Auto Sales Database
  • Form and Mailer
  • Connectable Data Modules
  • SMS Modules SMS text apps. 

It's worthwhile taking a trip out to Xara Online and reviewing the add-ons; they are currently offering a number of the plugins for free and some very special offers on their premium tools. 

Membership to Xara Online is also free! If you don't see something out there that appeals, it's worthwhile signing up and receiving their newsletter updates. They also offer an even easier way to implement their add ons through FrontPage plugins and Dreamweaver extensions for users of those software programs.

New!! Xara WebStyle allows you to create all the graphical elements you'll need, in one easy to use package! Create navigation bars with rollover effects and menus, banner ads with animations, headings, basic photo processing and more. Xara WebStyle's customizable professionally-designed templates give you almost limitless possibilities - without you requiring any special artistic abilities! Free software trial - download it today!

If you're looking for other add-ons, don't forget to review our Flash and DHTML code generators and JavaScript snippets.




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