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Writing web development, business or marketing proposals. Templates & tips

It's many times I've heard the following from people struggling to get into the web development business at a professional level:

"If only I could land my first web design contract, then I know my business would succeed".

Or perhaps you've been involved with web development for years and have found that you just aren't pulling the contracts that you used to. Maybe you're spending too much time in creating business proposals only to have them wind up at the bottom of a pile? 

Business proposal templates
With these proposal templates, you deliver exactly what your clients need - fast, accurate quotes, proposals & contracts that increase business & sense of professionalism. Templates for a variety of web & multimedia developers. Download now! New for 2009, hundreds of new pages of content & contract templates!

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I've experienced the time-sucking experience of developing business proposals and negotiating contracts - but unfortunately, it's an important part of the business.

As competition increases, so does the difficulty of maintaining your position in web development or Internet marketing. I've seen many brilliant and talented people fall by the wayside for one simple reason - their development/ marketing proposals just didn't convince the client. It's one thing to know you can do something, but quite another to convince someone else - it's just like applying for any job.

We are happy to offer the following resources to assist you with web development proposal creation:

Writing a Web site design proposal - Basic guidelines for an important business document - how to write a web development proposal that will help win you contracts and tenders. Suggested proposal template format.

Proposal Templates and contract templates

One of the strategies that contributed to our business success was developing design, development and marketing proposal templates. It literally cut the time of proposal development in half. While our templates are proprietary and for obvious reasons we don't wish to distribute them, there are some excellent products on the market such as Proposal Kit.

With Proposal Kit business templates you deliver exactly what your clients need - fast, accurate quotes, proposals and contracts that increase YOUR profitability and professionalism. Designed for a variety of web and multimedia developers. Easy and downloadable!

Proposal Kit has announce some great new additions to their template kits for 2010:

  • Proposal Kit Pro 12.0 has added 500 pages of new content
  • More contracts, proposals and sample proposals
  • Expanded for writing grant proposals
  • Expanded for writing business plans
  • Expanded for writing book proposals
  • New Proposal Pack graphic themes
  • Proposal Pack Wizard has also been upgraded 

.. + much, much more.

Another major enhancement is that Proposal Kit and Contract Pack support more platforms and software packages, including: Windows, Mac and Linux running Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect and Appleworks.

Proposal Kit is well worth a visit, check them out today!

Make your development and marketing proposals stand out from the rest

The business templates offered by Proposal Kit allow you to accurately quote your on tenders, increase your profitability and enhance your professional image to assist in securing those lucrative business contracts! 

Web development business kits

Web design business kit - free downloads
Free chapters from this manual
are available for evaluation.
The Web Design Business Kit will take you through the process of quoting on projects from initial client contact, through to securing the contract and beyond. It also includes 64 practical business templates for running a professional web design or development business.

Web Development Jobs, Contracts & Projects - A service operating via Taming the Beast.net. Review hundreds of contracts currently available. While becoming a member of the service is fee-based, you can review the contracts up for bid how the competition is landing these jobs for free. It's a great way to get some ideas for writing your proposals!


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