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Internet Macros - Web macro software increase online productivity

If you've been around long enough to remember Windows 3.1, you would remember the Macro Recorder. It was a fun application that allowed many basic repetitive management tasks to be automatically performed.

How many repetitious tasks do you perform each day on the web? If you work online or are a power Internet surfer, then I'm sure it's many. Repetition wastes time, and time is something that none of us these days seem to have enough of.

This product is sure to be of interest to you - Internet Macros - industrial strength macro creation software, specifically designed for the web. 

Click to download your Internet Macros free trial software

Click here for  your free trial web macro software download Increase your online productivity today!

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000,XP 
Pentium processor recommended 
8MB of hard drive space 
IE 5.5 or higher. Fully registered software prices start at US$29.95

Macro software for the web

If you are checking the same web sites over every day, or submitting to search engines regularly, filling in online forms, in fact any regular Internet task - then Internet Macros is the solution you've been looking for; and you don't have to store sensitive information on somebody else's server!

Any kind of Internet browsing, form filling, clicking and data gathering can be recorded into a web macro and Internet Macros assists you during the recording of macros with visual feedback. 

Web site testing made easy

If you've ever had to test an online application, you'd understand just how frustrating it can be. Test, find bug, fix bug, run through same test over and over.  To buy software designed for web site testing can be incredibly expensive - but not in the case of Internet Macros - in fact, you can download a software trial from us for free!

But that's not all Internet Macros can do..

Internet Macros free trial software - click to download

30 day free web macro software trial. Start increasing your Internet productivity today! - Click here to download

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000,XP 
Pentium recommended 
8MB of hard drive space 
IE 5.5 or higher 

This powerful web macro software offers the following benefits:

- Automatically complete online forms

- Login to your email automatically (will even write the email for you and then send it)

- Navigate complex websites; an excellent Internet testing feature.

- Create transportable Internet macro files

- Secure password storage using BLOWFISH encryption. All data is stored on your PC; preserving your privacy. This application does not "report" back to any server

- Share your web macros around your workplace, increase overall company efficiency

- Automate search engine submissions and handle your pay per click listings.

- Automatically query online databases and download returned information.

- Create a macro that will monitor your web site.

- Measure website response times with special commands and create performance reporting.

- Avoid complicated  Unix tools and commands - and have more functionality.

- Internet Macros can be set to simulate Internet Explorer (IE) completely. 

- Extract any TABLE directly into a CSV file.

- Web enable your application in 5 minutes by utilizing the Internet macros scripting interface.

- Use Internet Macros as a spider or robot application.

- Ship Internet Macros with your software application. The Scripting Edition has a special redistribution license without royalty fees. 

Amazing features in such an easy to use package!

Free trial software - click to download Internet Macros

Download your 30 day free trial Internet Macros Software today and increase your web productivity! - Click here to download 

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000,XP 
Pentium recommended 
8MB of hard drive space 
IE 5.5 or higher 





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