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Ecommerce - online business security certificates and seals

Even though online shopping has become a regular activity of many people, research continues to show that many still refuse to purchase items online. 

Jittery shoppers

The reason? Many people are too scared to buy - and really, who can blame them? Shoddy merchants, phishers, spammers and scammers - you name it. While the best of humanity can be found on the web, so can the worst.

For some potential online shoppers, they just don't understand that it is relatively easy to protect yourself by using some discretion backed by a little research. Even if your goods are priced substantially less than in a bricks and mortar store, that won't sway some wary potential customers. They want to see evidence that the merchant they are *considering* to do business with is solid, won't disappear with their money overnight, has a secure site and won't sell their details to others.

I outline some tips for converting browsers with security concerns into buyers in my articles entitled "reassuring your site visitors" and minimizing shopping cart abandonment; but depending on your market segment, that may not be enough. 

Web site security seal Site security seals!

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Article - what all ecommerce merchants need to know about PCI compliance

Security seals for online business

Also, how do you know if your site is really secure for the purposes of ecommerce? Sure, you might have SSL support, but there are many other potential holes where hackers may be access server based data. Merchant account providers are increasingly demanding PCI compliance; which will become mandatory for all online businesses in the near future.

Endorsements, seals and certifications from various third party bodies such as the Better Business Bureau can definitely give potential customers a sense of security, but it can be quite an expensive feature.

Enter Trust Guard. The company provides third party verification services that can assist you in not only identifying issues you may have on your site and in your online business practices, but also provide you with seals that attest to your credibility - without blowing a hole in your pocket. While one of the leading security seal and PCI scanning vendors, Trust Guard's prices are far below those of competitor vendors.

Even high profile retail brand names experience the same issues of nervous shoppers, which contributes to high shopping cart abandonment rates. Results provided by Trust Guard users show improvements in conversions ranging anywhere from 10% to 200% - and that's why Trust Guard can offer a 60 day "double your money back guarantee". Imagine what the same sort of verification might do for your online business.  You can choose from a single type of seal or a pack that covers all their verification services.

Features of the Trust Guard service include:

  • PCI compliance scanning, verification and seal

  • Security Seal

  • Privacy Seal

  • Business Seal

  • Certified Seal

  • Video Security Seal

  • Split Testing 

  • Privacy Policy Generator

  • Customizable Seals

  • Multiple Colors

  • Multiple Sizes & Styles

  • Fast, have your seals in 2 business days or less.

  • Easy, simplified online forms.

  • 60 Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

Learn more at Trust Guard

Seal and certification descriptions:

- Security seal
Three different security seals based on your particular needs: Daily PCI Security Scanned Seal, Quarterly PCI Security Verified Seal and Security Verified Seal (for sites that want to display a security seal but don’t necessarily need PCI compliance scanning).

- Privacy seal
Widely recognized and the second largest privacy seal program on the Internet, The Trust Guard Privacy Verified seal combines Trust Guard's own privacy standards along with the standards of many leading privacy organizations.

- Business verified seal
By displaying the Business Verified seal, your customers instantly know that your business information has been verified by Trust Guard.

Given the Trust Guard money back offer - why not give it a whirl? You'll know soon enough if it provides benefits to your business in terms of sales and you'll definitely have the peace of mind that your site and business has been reviewed and certified by a third party authority!

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