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Internet-PC anti-virus, security & privacy software. Tutorials & articles.

The Internet and World Wide Web is a wonderful communications medium, but also a dark place where the creations of twisted minds stalk and attack the unaware. Crackers (hackers who use their skills for malicious means), spammers, virus creators and Script Kiddies abound - inventing new strategies to infect, inundate and compromise your computer security every day.  There are also the security threats that arise from within - employees or children may be putting your systems at risk (see the articles and tutorials below).

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The following is a range of free tutorials, popular online security tools and anti-virus software to help keep your computer safe - online and offline.

If the Internet forms the basis of your career and business, you understand just how important it is to keep your data secure. It only takes one virus infection or security breach and your job or online business may be threatened.

Privacy, Security and Anti-virus software, tools and services

Please note: Some of following tools and software are very powerful and should be used responsibly. Some of the tools presented in this section represent both ends of the spectrum of computer and internet monitoring.

Anonymous surfing

Anonymizer offers the most comprehensive set of online tools to protect your privacy, security and anonymity at home, at work and on the road. Get Private Surfing 2.1 direct from Anonymizer.com!

Anti-spam services - free trial

It's estimated that over 50% of email delivered to inboxes worldwide consists of spam and/or viruses. While many software packages tag suspected spam, you still need to sift through them all. With SpamArrest, you'll never have to even see these messages! It's simple to set up and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it! Try a free trial of SpamArrest today! 

Surveillance detection/prevention utilities

Evidence Eliminator protects your privacy by destroying files that you've accumulated during surfing or general computer usage. This great software also has a number of other privacy and security options to help you keep the contents of your computer away from prying eyes - whoever they may be. Deletion processes used are similar to US Government Military standards.

Monitoring Software

Free Trial Stealth Monitor Software Download!

STARR - This award winning stealth-monitoring utility increases security without bogging down your PC or network.

STARR records every activity on your PC and can even take screenshots of activity. Once installed STARR runs invisibly and 100% maintenance free! 

The Home edition is an excellent alternative to standard filtering and blocking software for parents who want to monitor children's' activities on their computers.

The PRO Edition is a full strength professional solution with flexible network functions allowing you to send and receive reports via the Internet or via LAN or WAN. STARR PRO contains detailed reporting functions, highly customizable setup and is well suited for remote deployment inside a local network. STARR PRO is in use by small business and Fortune 500 companies around the world and has received many positive reviews from authorities such as Tucows, ZDNet, the New York Times and PC Magazine.

Download a free trial of STARR PRO PC and Internet monitor - click here! (1.02 meg)

Software Feature Summary:

  • Records keystrokes
  • Logs Application usage
  • Archives chat/messenger transcripts
  • Records Web sites visited
  • Network Deployment (Pro Version) capabilities
  • All activity recorded in one password protected and encrypted HTML file
  • Able to email activity reports (Pro Version)
  • Can create different log files for different users (Pro Version)

System Requirements 
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP 
PC with 486 or higher processor 
1MB of free hard drive space for installation 

Download a free trial now - click here! (1.02 meg)

Firewall and Anti-Virus Software

Free antivirus program

About 18 months ago a TTB subscriber wrote to me about AVG, a free anti-virus program from Grisoft. I'm very pleased to report that it has been an *excellent* anti-virus solution. We have been hammered with tens of thousands of viruses since the time we installed it and have not had a single infection. AVG has also performed remarkably when during the recent onslaught of viruses, including the SoBig virus attack.

Apart from standard features, you can specify that all incoming and outgoing email is scanned and then an verification note is added to the bottom of each email. This is a great feature; which raises awareness with the people you contact that you actually take precautions before emailing them.

Another positive feature of AVG is that even with all the options turned on, it takes up less resources than many of the other leading solutions. GriSoft releases easy-to-install updates on a regular basis and AVG is continually independently verified as being 100% effective.

AVG is also available in a premium edition and comes with many extra features

So, if you are looking for great free/premium antivirus software, give Grisoft's AVG a try. You can learn more about Grisoft antivirus solutions here:


Nitrous Anti Spy protects your personal and business computer equipment from hacker attacks with a powerful in built firewall! This easy to install security software also detects over 270 spyware programs and 2000 worm viruses. It's one of the few security/privacy products on the market offering 24 hour technical support. Protect your privacy and improve your computer data security! Visit Nitrous Anti Spy today and learn more about the many features in this great Internet security solution.

Security tutorials and articles:

Nigerian scammers getting smarter
More recent scams from Nigeria don't just target gullible and greedy individuals; they also make victims of people just wanting to work. Read more about the "shipping clerk scam".
Spam & virus emails - how they end up in your inbox
I'm often asked by people "why do I get so much junk?" This article explains 7 different strategies that spammers and virus writers use to get to you.
Anti spam - email filtering and blocking
An Internet users tool rapidly gaining popularity. Read a review and guide to anti-spam services.
SoBig, SoBad, SoUgly
Overview and analysis of the impact of the SoBig virus - the fastest spreading email virus in Internet history. From our August 24 Ezine.
Paypal fraudsters - a blight on ecommerce
PayPal scams have been around for a long time and are usually easy to detect. This latest one to grace my inbox was a little different. From our ezine
Anti-hacking tips
Run a home based online business? Protect your computer from hacking with these simple strategies and tips.
Free real-time virus tracker
Track the virus infection rate globally with this online application (best viewed in 1024x768 resolution)
Safety in numbers...and letters...
Some statistics on password recovery speed. Is your password protecting your computer and web based applications and services long enough?
Script Kiddies 2002
Wannabe hackers still posing serious security problems for the online community.
Script Kiddies - Vermin of the Internet
People with no lives, and how they can adversely affect yours. An overview of the Script Kiddie problem and the security threats to your online and offline systems
Script Kiddies II - An advice to parents
Script Kiddies tend to be teenagers - Parents, do you know what your kids are up to on your computer and while surfing the Internet?
Script Kiddies 3 - Grill a Kiddie
Slowly, slowly catchee kiddee - how to report a hacker and other security breaches. Addressing the increasing Script Kiddie problem.
Perrun Virus - The end of innocence?
Up until June 13 2002, image files such as JPEGs and GIFs could not be infected with viruses... this changed overnight... now no file type may be safe any more..
Nimda - the implications
The Nimda virus created a new threat for webmasters - being sued by web site visitors.  
Credit Card & Identity Theft - Online Fraud
My credit card fraud experience as a consumer. Dispelling the myths and some advice on credit card security in relation to making online payments.
Smart Tags and Scumware
What's the story now? Haven't heard of scumware? Webmasters - Learn how you could be losing visitors from your web site. Surfers - has your web browser been hijacked?
Anti-fraud strategies for merchants
Credit card fraud costs ecommerce merchants hundreds of millions of dollars annually - here's some strategies that may assist you in lessening the incidence and impact of credit card fraud.






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