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Find & recruit Super Affiliates faster. New affiliate recruitment software!

If you're an an affiliate manager like me, you'll understand just how time consuming it can be trying to recruit super affiliates to your program. 

Half your time can be spent in locating "super affiliates", when it really should be spent in supporting your  partners in marketing the program you are running. That's where the Super Affiliate Generator, automated location and recruitment software can help. Click here to download your free demo software and ebook! 

It's no secret that in most affiliate programs, it's only the top few percent of affiliate partners who generate over 90% of sales; these people are known as Super Affiliates in the marketing industry. Wouldn't it be great if we could locate & recruit a higher percentage of super affiliates to power our programs - yet not have to spend so much time in doing so? 

A software solution for affiliate recruitment!

One of Taming the Beast.net's merchant partners called me the other day sounding pretty excited. Roy is involved with software development and releases some fine products. He told me about his latest release: Super Affiliate Generator .

SAG ( Super Affiliate Generator ) is the first product of its' kind available, created specifically for those involved with web marketing and affiliate location & recruitment. Roy's software grabbed my attention, anything that could save me time, increase my effectiveness in finding Super Affiliates was very, very attractive.

So I installed it this morning, expecting a pretty steep learning curve. I was pleasantly surprised! It only took me about 3 minutes to learn all the functions - seriously!

Download your free demo software and ebook for the Super Affiliate Generator . Start locating & recruiting more Super Affiliates faster with this great software & watch your affiliate program take off!

What does the Super Affiliate Generator do?

  • Locate high traffic sites in a chosen industry
  • Inbuilt mailer & Email tracking system 
  • Prepare personalized emails 
  • Displays link popularity of potential affiliates
  • Alexa ranking of each prospect partners' web site 
  • Requested web site position on the search engine 
  • Displays contact details, email address, phone etc. 
  • Search for potential partners by keyword
  • Locate your competitors Super affiliates
  • Built in Database Application for saving results
  • Option to send multiple personalized emails 
  • Very, easy to operate - up and running in minutes.
  • Saves your valuable time!
  • Increases your profits!
  • Download your Super Affiliate Generator free demo!

Other benefits - link popularity.

As competition increases on the web to grab the attention of clients, reciprocal linking strategies have become increasingly important. The more high quality sites that link to you the better - the Super Affiliate Generator will display for you the link popularity of that site. Links to your site from a popular site not only increases the rate of visitors from that site, but is also a factor used by many of the world's most popular search engines when calculating rankings.

Increase the profitability of your affiliate program

If you're sick and tired of ducking from search engine to search engine to locate potentially high performance partners, this Super Affiliates location and recruitment software package is definitely for you. 

Just in my trials today, I figure that I saved at least one hour and as I'm writing this a couple of potentially very higher performing partners have responded to my approach.

It's definitely worth the visit to Roy's site to download your free demo Super Affiliate Generator software and ebook. That brief phone call from Roy is sure going to save me hundreds of hours of work in the year ahead and increase the profits of the programs I oversee!

By the way, Roy also offers a very generous affiliate program if you're interested in marketing this software!

If you have any questions about the Super Affiliate Generator or any of Roy's products, please don't hesitate in contacting me.

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