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Free Javascript Code Library

Looking for free JavaScript code resources for your web site? Get it all here! Keep checking back as new snippets, codes and utilities are added weekly. Copy & paste your hearts out!! 


DHTML Menu Studio - free demo!
Create stunning cross browser compatible Navigation Bars & DHTML menus rapidly! Hundreds of designs!
>Vertical or horizontal pop/slide multi level menus 
>Great animation/transitions 
>Fully customizable: color, font, border etc. 
> Optimized menu code for small file size!
DHTML Menu Studio - so easy to use!
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Free Javascript Code Generators
Generate copy and paste code online for meta tags, buttons, drop down menus, css, scroll bars, status bar.....
Windows and Frames JavaScript
Popup window generators, window resizing, popup spawner.......
Mouse over effects Javascripts
CSS Links Wizard, dynamic scroll bar wizard, dynamic background image, status bar text scripts.....
Date and Time Javascript 
Title bar date and time display, status bar displays, long and short date formats....
User information
Screen resolution display, Color Depth Information, Browser type............
Screen Resolution Redirect, Meta Refresh, Browser Type Redirection.....
Miscellaneous Javascripts
Banner slideshows, right click source and copy protection, bookmark as favorites...
Form elements 
Navigation buttons, form text fields....
Background effects Javascripts
Background image, color and table colors..
Random Items Javascripts
Random banners, images and text code....
Window elements Javascripts
Spice up your title bars and other window elements.....
Check out our online Flash and DHTML generator section.....
Create Flash and DHTML elements such as navigation bars, tooltips and menus straight from our site!

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