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Looking for some free javascript code resources for your web site? Get it all here! Keep checking back as new snippets and utilities are added weekly. Copy and paste your hearts out!!

DHTML Menu Studio - free demo!
Create stunning cross browser compatible Navigation Bars & DHTML menus rapidly! Hundreds of designs!
>Vertical or horizontal pop/slide multi level menus 
>Great animation/transitions 
>Fully customizable: color, font, border etc. 
> Optimized menu code for small file size!
DHTML Menu Studio - so easy to use!
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Date and Time 

Title bar date and time display, status bar displays, long and short date formats....

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Great designs for your site. Professional design, also logo templates and flash intros. Compatible with FrontPage, Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
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Autoresponder software guide/reviews
An all-in-one mailing list manager and autoresponder software solutions review. 
Ecommerce - The Internet's best shopping carts & web marketing solutions
Powerful, easy to implement shopping cart with full web marketing modules, including affiliate program functionality. Our review includes free & low cost carts & ecommerce solutions.
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