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Download free Nokia ringtones & free Ericsson ring tones for cell phone models with a ringers melody composer. Try the keypress codes or download a free ringtones converter software demo - many phones supported. SMS/WAP ringtones - polyphonic, wallpaper & games. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung + more - Subscribe to our ringtones news for free updates via email.


Free cell phone keypress ringtones and rtttl ring tones

About TTB's free ring tones & premium cell phone services

Our range of cell phone services and offers:


Free ring tones Offering over 1600 keypress ring tones for Nokia and Ericsson, + free RTTTL ring tones codes that can be converted to for use with many different makes and models of cell phone including Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.
Free trial ringtones converter An amazing software application that converts RTTTL codes into ringtones for use with hundreds of different cell phones. Versions available for both Mac & PC.
Polyphonic Wizard software Download ringtones and cell phone graphics to your cell phone without using expensive cables or premium SMS services!
Keypress Instructions
Nokia or Ericsson
Not sure on how to input our free ring tones into your phone? Try our step-by-step Nokia or Ericsson keypress instructions
Free ringtones by email Each week, we send out an email containing selections from our ring tones database. Subscribe for free today!
Premium Mono ringtones (via SMS) A wide range of quality ringtones sent to Nokia, Sony, Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sanyo and Hitachi cell phones via SMS. Servicing 100+ countries! - USA, Canada, Australia, UK/Europe, Taiwan, Italy, Norway, Japan, China, India, Taiwan and more!!
Premium polyphonic ringtones  Take advantage of the latest in cell phone technology with our high quality polyphonic ringtones. Delivery to 100+ countries! including UK/Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Norway, Japan, China, India, Taiwan.
Voice Tones Personalize your phone with SoundFX Tones. Realistic sound effects including animal/bird sounds, audience sound effects, gun sounds, special effects and more!
Flash games
Java games 
(premium service)
Never be bored with your cell phone again - try one of the many exciting flash games or java games in our database
Nokia logos 
(premium service)
Available for a wide range of Nokia cell phones, you can select from thousands of logos - sent directly to your phone via SMS. Providing services to over 100 countries! - Japan, China, USA, Canada, Australia, UK/Europe, Taiwan, Italy, Norway, India, Taiwan and more!
Cell phone wallpaper
(premium service)
Compatible with many phones, our cell phone graphics can give your phone a touch of coolness! Servicing 100+ countries! - USA, Canada, Australia, UK/Europe, Taiwan, Italy, Norway, Japan, China, India, Taiwan and more!!
Personal Photo
(premium service)
An amazing online application that allows you to draw or upload an image and then send it to a mobile phone! Available for most popular cell phones in 35 countries.
Free cell phones and discount plans The best the web has to offer in free cell phones, including free shipping and accessories, plus many offers with bonus minutes. Free phone deals for visitors from Australia and the USA - Canada and UK coming soon.
TTB Cell phone forums New! - Online community discussion, advice and news relating to cell phones and services. Also contains a marketplace and free cell phone classifieds section.
SMS Messenger SMS people directly from your  desktop or email program. Trial version comes with 10 free credits. This service covers over 100 countries.

How our ringtones services began

In October of 2001, my beloved partner Kathy purchased a Nokia 3310 cell phone. This caused much excitement in the Administrative Goddess, and many hours were spent in "enhancing" the communications device.

Then Kathy set about hunting for free ringtones on the web. This was pretty scary as much cursing could be heard as she went from site to site, popup to popup. Many sites she visited were supported by adult type advertising. Most of the sites didn't show the keypress sequence, only the musical notes. Many sites required payment as they send the tones directly to your cell phone.

Kathy was sure that she wouldn't be the only one going through this, so in true TTB manner, instead of giving up, she set about creating a database of ringtones and tunes, complete with key press sequences. Kathy has also developed tutorials for entering the keypress ringers into Nokia and Ericsson cell phones. 

Instead of publishing the free ring tones up in toilet roll fashion; we chose to implement a simple searchable online database using a PHP form and MySQL back-end. You can carry out searches by Artist or Title using full or partial artist or title names. Results are displayed rapidly.

At present, there are over 1200 ring tones in the database. Kathy is continuing to update it on a regular basis. Genres include: Top 40, rock, metal, classical, popular, ballads, rap, house, acid, dance mixes, movie themes and TV themes.

If you have a request for cell ringers; Kathy will do her best to find it for you.

Please feel free to recommend the ringers database by using the "Tell a friend" links. You can also subscribe to Kathy's Ring Tone Update by entering your email address on the subscription form of the ringtones page. Again, your details will not be distributed to any other party.

I can't begin to describe what a joyous experience it has been to hear the cacophony of ring tones produced from Kathy's mobile over the months! ;0)

Kathy looks forward to improving one of the largest key press ring tones database on the Internet and she encourages your feedback to assist her in keeping the quality of database high.

Since October of 2001, the popularity of our free keypress database has grown rapidly. It's also given us the opportunity of partnering with other quality merchants to provide our visitors with software such as the free demo ringtones converter and the Taming the Beast Mobile Messenger, a web browser & Outlook SMS text messaging plugin, which comes with 20 bonus credits.

In mid-2002, we were fortunate enough to also partner with Mediaplazza. as an affiliate; we now offer a wide range of premium SMS and ringtones services via Our new premium services site provides Polyphonic and mono ringtones sent via SMS to many countries around the world. Phones supported include Nokia, Sony, Ericsson, LG, Panasonic, Motorola, Samsung, Hitachi and Sanyo. MediaPlazza provides the licensed content and customer support for our premium services.

If you would like more information about our ringtones, logos and sms services, or partnering with Taming the Beast, please contact Michael.






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In Loving Memory - Mignon Ann Bloch

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