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Download free Nokia ringtones & free Ericsson ring tones for cell phone models with a ringers melody composer. Try the keypress codes or download a free ringtones converter software demo - many phones supported. SMS/WAP ringtones - polyphonic, wallpaper & games. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung + more - Subscribe to our ringtones news for free updates via email.


Free cell phone keypress ringtones and rtttl ring tones

Ericsson ringtones keypress code input instructions.

Make your Ericsson cell phone really sing!! The ringers on our free Ericsson ringtones page have been converted and ready to put the keypress codes straight into your cell phone. 

Entering the ring tones is as simple as pressing keys. Just follow the steps provided below and you are on your way to having personalized Ericsson ringtones. 

Please note: Our free ringtones online database produces keypress codes suitable for Ericsson phones with a melody maker or composer function. If your Ericsson doesn't have a composer or melody maker, you can also try out our free trial ringtone converter software to use with our free RTTTL ring tones codes. You may want to take advantage of our premium SMS/WAP ringtones service; which includes polyphonic and mono tones, cell phone graphics, games and software or the new polyphonic ringtones software; also suitable for many Ericsson phones.

Ericsson - melody maker/composer instructions 

To input ringtones on your Ericsson cell phone just follow these steps:

  • select Menu 

  • scroll to Settings and press yes

  • scroll to edit melody and press yes

  • Find the ringers you like from our ring tones page and then key it in. 

Ericsson ringers & melody maker notes:

  • LP = Long Press (until note becomes a capital letter)

  • SP = Short press

- Simply follow the ringers keypress in sequence eg: LP30, SP10#, LP6#, would read Long Press 3 then press 0, Sort Press 1 then press 0 then press #, Long Press 6 then press #

- Commas are used to separate the notes and are not to be entered into your Ericsson phone. 

- Key pressing the ringtones code too quickly may not enter the correct notes or miss out digits. If a mistake is made the tones will not sound correct.

- Numbers 1 - 9 will insert notes into the ringtones sequence. 1 gives a C and 9 a high D. Holding down a number key will make the note longer.

- The # key will increase or decrease the pitch of the tone in steps of one semitone. Press once to make a note a sharp (#), and twice to make it a flat (b), pressing three times will return the note to its normal pitch.

- You can scroll backwards and forwards on your Ericsson by using the << and >> keys. 

- The Zero key will move a note up or down one octave. 

- The CLEAR key will erase the note to the left of the cursor.

- Pressing and holding the CLR button will erase the entire sequence.

- ( ) means u hold the key until the note becomes a capital letter

Most older Ericsson phones can have ringtones typed directly on their keypads, provided that they are of the Ericsson format.

These ring tones may not have the same effect of the Nokia Composer format as some Ericsson models are restricted to only two note lengths only one tempo which is equivalent to 180 on the Nokia. If you're looking for Ericsson ringtones for newer models, including Sony Ericsson, you can also try our SMS/WAP ringtones service or try out the new polyphonic ringtones software.

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We hope you have enjoyed visiting our free Ericsson ring tones database. You can let your friends know about these free Ericsson ringtones by using the "Tell a friend" link below. 


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