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Looking for new or used cell phones and equipment? Our classified advertisement section is just what you need! Find bargain priced second hand mobile phones or the newest cell models!  Sell your used communications equipment via Taming the Beast classifieds - single units or in bulk!
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Cell phones are an expensive purchase, unless you take on lengthy call plans  and contracts with a service provider, and then you can sometimes pay even more! Buying a used cell phone can be a lot more economical.

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  • Do you have used cell phones or accessories you'd like to convert into cash. Either single units or in bulk?

  • Looking to purchase a mobile phone without being tied down by contracts?

  • Do you have a cell phone related service you wish to offer to the thousands of visitors who utilize our site every week?

Up until now we've been using a special classifieds section, but with the implementation of our forums, you can now advertise to a wider range of buyers and sellers - Enter our cell phone forums and place your ad for free!

You can submit as many different advertisements as you like for free. Post your cell phone ads today! International availability, dealers, suppliers and merchants also welcome - sell new/used cell phones in bulk! Posting classifieds is quick and easy.

Find the mobile communications bargain you've been looking for! Sell the equipment and accessories you no longer need!

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Nokia - Ericsson - Samsung - Kyocera - Siemens - Motorola - Audiovox - Qualcomm - buying and selling all popular  models .

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Cell Phone Advertisers and Buyers - please note

We want our visitor to have a safe experience using our cell phone classifieds. Any time you engage in person-to-person dealing, whether at a garage sale, flea market or through classified ads, you must protect yourself against those who seek to take advantage of others. Here are a few safety guidelines you should follow:

   Request personal information, including addresses and phone numbers (including work and home). If the person does not want to provide you this information or otherwise protests, you should probably deal with someone else

   Never send money up front for cell phones or other items in our classifieds that is unsecured (i.e. cash, personal check, wire). Use COD's, credit cards (if possible) or payment services.

   Keep all records, including emails, listings, shipping receipts, checks, notes and personal information of the other party. If a person states in classified ad that they are from a specific country, then requests money to be sent to another country, be very wary.

   Ask a lot of questions if you feel you need more information. A legitimate seller or buyer will almost always take the time to answer.

   If the transaction involves a large purchase, ask for references.

   Use common sense. If a price for a cell phone sounds way too cheap or something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Taming the will not be held responsible for any ad content, claims, outcome results of responding to any or all ads, as well as the results of any defects that may be found to exist or any other consequential damages that may result from using our services directly or indirectly.

The copyright owner, employees, and/or contractors of Taming the, disclaim any and all product warranties or guarantees, stated or implied, within each and all ads and features to the fullest extent of the law.

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