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Web and graphic design, software, database and ecommerce jobs, contracts and tenders

Web and graphic design, software, database & ecommerce jobs & contracts

Looking for freelance web/graphics development opportunities? 

Searching for a company to design a web site or a project component?

 Web design, development, ecommerce and marketing contracts
Buying or selling web design. content development, programming, ecommerce or web marketing services?
Try Elance
, the world's largest marketplace.
Buyers, post projects, large or small for free
Service providers, gain more contracts & new clients!

Contracts include full web sites, ecommerce solutions, ebook creation, shopping cart, Flash, logo and banner design, database and other software applications programming, PHP, HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, SQL, MySQL and Access coding tenders.

Save time and secure contracts!

With ProposalKit you deliver exactly what your clients need - fast, accurate quotes, proposals and contracts that increase  profitability & professionalism. Designed for a variety of web and multimedia developers. Downloadable! Increase your chances of securing contracts!

This is the world's largest professional services marketplace for small businesses, with over 400,000 registered companies and individuals from over 160 countries. Elance Open Marketplace allows customers to tap into a highly qualified pool of professional talent and get a wide range of projects completed online including software development, Web design, creative services, translation, copywriting and more. 

Reviewing web projects and tenders is free!

Reviewing this auction style section can also assist developers and designers in setting prices and developing sales pitches.  It's well worth spending time in this section of the site to stay up to date with market trends and the strategies of leading firms in gaining business. 

Many small web development companies use this service as their main source of business

Posting Internet Development projects is free!

When you post a development project, you simply describe the services you need - freelancers and companies will then bid for your project. If you require assistance in developing specifications, Elance can also help. Once you've posted a project, you'll have the opportunity to consult directly with the company/individual before making the decision on the winning bid. Contracts are then signed and from there, you can manage your entire project online!

Outsource and save

If you are a web development company or freelance designer, outsourcing some of your work can not only free up more of your time, but also give your the opportunity of expanding the number of  Internet development services that you can offer to your clients.

Imagine this scenario - a client wants you to design a particular component for a new web site. This aspect of development is something new to you or is in an area that you aren't particularly skilled. Your choices are:

a) Pass the job up and lose the contract

b) Struggle with it yourself and lose money on extended development time that can't be charged to the client.

c) Hire new employees to carry out the job, which will increase your overheads, responsibilities and stress

c) Outsource the contract component to a company that is expert in that particular field - save money, time and stress!

Outsourcing ensures freelance survival

Not so long ago, it was pretty easy to cover most aspects of web development and design - to be a one man design studio. Now, with so many new technologies evolving so rapidly, it's impossible to stay up to date with all the changes and methods. Outsourcing enables you to keep the work rolling in while expanding your portfolio with a great variety of different services. 

To outsource jobs via this service is quick and secure, so secure that contract you've been chasing, be confident in stating to your client "yes, we can do that" and post your development request today. Advertising is free, and the quotes you'll receive for your contract will pleasantly surprise you in regards to quality and price!

Other services that can be tendered:

Accounting and Finance
Administrative support
Business strategies
Software and Technology
Writing and Translation

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Save time and secure contracts!

With ProposalKit you deliver exactly what your clients need - fast, accurate quotes, proposals and contracts that increase  profitability & professionalism.  Increase your chances of securing contracts!

Learn more about how and where to find web/ecommerce development and Internet marketing clients in our comprehensive tutorial.

Learn how to write a web development proposal

Secure more web development projects and contracts by gaining certification in your field. Free online certification and testing!




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