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Spice up your MySpace profile with this falling objects code generator - easy to use! 


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Falling objects generator for your MySpace profile page!

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Falling objects can really spice up your MySpace profile page - you can use the generator below to create this profile effect for free - and it's really easy to use! See a simple falling objects demo here - you can use text, symbols or images!

Note: If you wish to use an image instead of a symbol, you'll need to use the second option below and to point to where the image is stored on the web.

Another free MySpace tool we provide is our layout code generator! New! handy code snippets.

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If you enjoyed using this, have any questions or suggestions, visit us out on MySpace!

Text or Symbol you want to use for the falling effect here:
Some suggested sample characters you can copy and page into the box above to use as falling symbols (you can also use your initials!): ♠   ♣   ♥   ♦  ↓        Q  W  Y ≈   Δ  ∞  √   Σ  ◊ ≠
Or if you'd prefer to use an image as the falling object, use the feature below. Tip: Use a small image as the falling object, large images will just create a very messy effect on your profile.
Images you want to use for the falling effect here:

The code that's created once you click the button you simply copy onto the end of your existing text and coding in your profile "about" section.

Tell a friend about this free MySpace code generator

Now you've tried our falling objects generator; don't forget to try our MySpace layout generator too - it's also really easy to use as are our handy free MySpace codes.

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