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I remember when movie rental stores first opened up; it was so convenient! But as technology has evolved, I'm getting lazier :). I want to rent movies online, much the same as downloading music - and legally! No trips to the post office, but to be able to do it all totally online and watch videos either on my computer or on my TV. And being somewhat irregular in my movie consumption, I don't want to have to pay recurring subscription fees. 

Well, now I can with Cinema Now - Free trial. They are also currently offering a free movie download trial! Try them out today!

CinemaNow Movies and More Try It Free Don't like to leave home? Download or stream your favorite movies and videos with Cinema Now - Free trial! Totally legal and licensed movie rental service!
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It's really simple to start downloading or streaming movies

1. Select your favorite movies or videos
Cinema Now offers the Internet's largest legal selection of movies, gigs, TV shows and so much more. You can locate movies by browsing through the various genres and formats. You can also search for videos by either entering the movie name, an actor's name or a descriptive keyword. Cinema Now adds new videos weekly! Download free movies today!

Movie/video categories:

2. Once your free trial is over - payment/access is easy!
Cinema Now movies and video download rentals are excellent value, starting from as little as 49 cents. There are no subscription fees. You just a pay your rental fee which allows you to access your video selection for 48 hours - not from the time you make the purchase, but from the time that you first start playing your rental. That's great for times when you may not be able to watch your movie download straight away. You can also buy videos outright, yours to keep and watch as you please.

3. View your movie/video via Download or Stream
Cinema Now allows you to either download the whole movie first or stream it live off the web via their speedy media servers. These aren't low grade video reproductions - it's dvd quality! You can also choose to buy movies for download - yours to keep and view whenever you want!

You'll be able to view your movie selection in under a minute if you choose to stream, meanwhile the rest of the movie will download in the background - so as long as you have a broadband connection, you'll have top quality viewing!

4. View movies on your TV or PC
Don't want the family to have to huddle around a computer screen? If your notebook or PC has an SVGA output connection, you can hook it up to your television using SVGA cables. Alternatively, if you have a VGA output, you can purchase a VGA Scan converter which allows you to transmit your movie from the laptop to your TV!

Try it today; you can download with confidence; this is a totally legal service - Cinema Now - download movies free!

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