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Social bookmarking link generator

Social bookmarking sites, although having been around since 1996, have gained incredible popularity in recent years. A social bookmarking service is an online application allowing members to add page links as bookmarks, categorize them and often to make those publicly available for the rest of the bookmarking service's community.

Having your site, or particular pages, listed on the more popular bookmarking networks can really help boost traffic to your site.

Setting posts and articles up to make social bookmarking easier for visitors can be somewhat of a pain if you aren't able to implement the various plugins currently available. It's particularly a time-consuming issue for static HTML sites, or if you wish to add bookmarking links to posts you make on social networking services such as MySpace which do not allow for server side scripting or JavaScript to be embedded. 

I've created the below bookmarking link generator which will allow you to easily implement link code for some of the more popular services. The code generated is just straight HTML and the output presents 3 different options:

- Link and social bookmarking service icon
- Just a link
- Just an icon

Here's an example of how the link and icon option will be displayed, using this page as an example of the one to be bookmarked:

I've made the output as clear as possible for you to easily edit the code generated further if you find the need to.

The code generator, at this point in time, will create bookmarking links for Furl, Technorati, Digg, Google, Yahoo, Blinklist, StumbleUpon and del.icio.us. If you'd like to see other services added or have suggestions to improve the generator, please feel free to post your suggestions here.

Be sure to bookmark this page in your browser so you can come back to it easily in the future :). You may also wish to subscribe (top of right hand menu) to our newsletter for notifications of updates to the generator.

icon folder url
include trailing "/"
(optional - see below)
post url
post title

Results will open in a new window


Notes on using the social bookmarking generator

1. (Optional) Download the icon file if you wish to have icons for the bookmarking service display. Upload it to your site and take note of the folder where you've uploaded to. Don't change the icon names. There's extra icons in there for services I'll be adding soon.

2. In the form above, enter the folder where the icons are stored, be sure to include a trailing slash

3. Enter the URL of the post or article

4. Enter a title as you would like it to appear

Click "Generate social bookmarking code" and you're done - then it's just a matter of clicking in the scroll box for the option you want and then copying and pasted the code beneath the source of your post or article.

Depending on the application you're using for publishing your posts and articles and how you're using it; you may find you need to remove the skipped lines and comment lines in the output code. I leave those in there mainly to keep the code well separated for custom editing if required.

I hope you find this generator of value! As mentioned, I'd be grateful of any feedback or bug reports and for suggestions for other services you'd like to see added. You can leave your feedback here.

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