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Free meta tag generator - search engine optimization tool

Meta tags are misunderstood creatures. Many webmasters stopped adding them to their pages a couple of years ago as search engines began ignoring meta tags after their use was abused by spammers.

The good news is that most major search engines are factoring them in again, and have been doing so for quite a while, but doing so in conjunction with many other on and off page factors to determine ranking. Ranking algorithms are much more refined than the days when spammers took control of rankings through meta tag manipulation.

The bad news is, if you aren't using meta tags, you may be doing yourself out of well-deserved rankings.

The meta tag generator below helps to make it easier to implement keywords and description tags to your pages and also includes a title tag function. Some generators churn out a stack of code and meta tags you won't need - this one just does the basics; the meat and potatoes ;).

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are snippets of code placed between the <head> and </head> tags in the source code of your pages that provide information relating to the contents of the page. 

The "keywords" and "description" tags are invisible to visitors viewing your page (unless they view the source code), but read by search engine robots that spider the page. The "title" tag contents appear in the title bar of the viewers' browser and also plays a role in search engine ranking. 

By the way, the "title" tag isn't really considered a meta tag as such as the tag doesn't include "meta" in the tag statement, but I've included it as feature in this generator.

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Basic guidelines for meta tag development

There's all sorts of theories around relating to bleeding edge meta tag strategies, but I like to stick with what's tried and tested. The general guidelines are:

- Meta tags should be focused and describe only what's on the page

- You should use unique meta tags for each page on your site

- The most important words relating to your page should be at the beginning of the tag

- The description and title tags should be in sentence format

- Keywords in the keyword tag should be separated by a comma, with no space between.

Links to articles discussing meta tag development in more detail are at the bottom of this page.

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Description tag (Sentence/s of up to 250 characters in total)
Keywords tag (individual words & phrases separated by commas with no spaces between words, up to 500 characters in total)
Page title tag (Sentence of up to 70 characters)

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