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Color scheme generator - take the guesswork out of choosing colors!

So you have a base color you like, but aren't sure what other colors to use with it? Try this great color scheme chooser! It will  give you the exact HTML hex code you need to reproduce the color on your web pages or in your graphics package.

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The generator is based color theory developed by Johannes Itten in the mid 20th century and is still widely used today by graphic designers.

It uses yellow, red and blue as its primary colors and is also known as a RYB color wheel. 

Color scheme chooser instructions

You can input or choose a basic color using the drag target, RGB sliders or by inputting the hex code. If you input a hex code, click the grey button next to the field to generate the color scheme. More detailed instructions can be referenced when you launch the generator by clicking the question mark in the generator interface.

There are several color scheme options to choose from:


This scheme uses the same color and alters the brightness and saturation levels to produce different shades and tints. 


Uses three adjacent colors, being the  base color and two colors which are 30 degrees either side. Degrees can be adjusted to fine tune.

Analogic and Complimentary

Uses an analogic color scheme plus the complimentary color.


Makes use of colors on the opposite side of RYB color wheel. Complimentary colors are always a mix of warm and cool colors. Yellow, orange and blue are "warm". Green, blue and violet are cool.

Split Complimentary

This is similar to complimentary but selects adjacent colors 30 degrees on either side of the compliment.

Double Complimentary

Utilizes a complimentary color scheme plus one color 30 degrees back from each color.


Utilizes the colors at 120 degrees around the color wheel.

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