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October 31 2002

Greetings all,

Welcome to the October 31 edition of our ezine and a special welcome to the hundreds of new subscribers who joined our list in the last month.

The silly season is now upon us, and I hope you all have your strategies planned for the holiday period. I recently published an article on Christmas marketing that may interest you, details are below. Please excuse the brevity of this months issue, there's a lot going on behind the scenes of Taming the Beast at present - all top secret stuff ;0).

Google update

As I write this, Google is in update mode once again.  The lead up to this update had many web masters and search engine marketing consultants very nervous as it came a few days later than usual.  I lurk in a number of SEO forums and the level of tension is quite amazing during pre-update time. I must admit that I suffer from Googlitis around this time every month.  Google is the number one source of traffic for many web sites and with Google constantly improving the quality and coverage of their results, this search engine company keeps web masters in the know on their toes!  

In a lot of ways, Google is training us to improve our web sites. An update doesn't always work out the way we want it, but that's the nature of the game.  Important note: if you rely very heavily on search engines such as Google for traffic, do you have an alternate strategy in place in case for some reason your site is skipped over for a month? If not, it's time to start planning - remember that Google and similar engines do not have any obligation to deliver traffic to you and if they should choose to drop your site, it's well within their rights to do so... so don't forget your disaster planning and also to leave out milk and cookies for the Googlebot - I hear it works! ;0).

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What is the Google Dance?

I've mentioned a number of times the term "Google Dance" and I'd like to clarify what this actually means.  It's a term that was coined by the search engine marketing fraternity to explain the phenomena of search results rankings fluctuating.   There are two kinds of dances - the monthly dance and the ones that occur every couple of days (also known as Everflux).

The monthly dance usually begins to occur between the 23rd to the 30th of each month. During this time Google refreshes its entire database.  It does so by migrating new results from another two databases. It's still not common knowledge that there are 3 active google .com databases. There is the standard one that most people use: www.google.com ; but also there is www2.google.com and www3.google.com.  Data is migrated from www2 and www3 into the main database over a period of 2-6 days.  During this time, rankings can appear all over the place. One day you may show up as No.1 for a certain search term, then next day (or hour, or minute!) you may be ranking at No.30! It can be pretty confusing, but also explains some of the fluctuations in traffic you may experience from Google at this particular time of the month. It's important not to make assumptions, take out a new mortgage or plan a celebration based on traffic results you receive during this time.

The more regular dance, known in some circles as Everflux, occurs throughout the month due to new listings being added by the Google "freshbot".  Certain sites are spidered heavily on a regular basis and the results are updated within 24-48 hours of the crawl. It's these sites that alter the search engine rankings results throughout the month.  You can determine a site that's crawled regularly as their home page (and at times other pages) will usually display the crawl date under the Google generated description. Even this can be unreliable at times as Google occasionally will not display this info.

Article Summary - Marketing - Branding Concepts (revised)

Getting web site visitors to remember you. A rewrite of an article on branding published last year.

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Article Summary - Is pop up advertising on its way out?

Pop up ads - scourge to many, cash cows for some - but it seems that the web surfer community has spoken and some very big names are taking heed.

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Article Summary - A web Christmas - Internet marketing

Ah, the silly season! Holiday season web marketing considerations from the original Scrooge ;0)

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles2/christmas-marketing.htm 

That's about it for this edition of our ezine. We appreciate your feedback and ideas so be sure to drop us a line if there's a subject you would like to see us cover or another feature that you would like to see on our site!


Michael Bloch 
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