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September 13, 2003 

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Welcome to our new subscribers!

SoBig virus - continued

My apologies regarding the absence of the last issue of our Ecommerce & Web Marketing being delivered to your inboxes. The previous ezine is available online in our archives

I decided that as SoBig was causing so much of an overload on mail services generally, I didn't want to burden our subscribers with another piece of mail. Even up until a few days ago, we were still seeing significant activity from the virus and it has brought many ISP's and corporations to their knees in recent weeks. 

From CyberAtlas.com

"In August 2003, viruses, along with overt and covert hacker attacks, caused $32.8 billion in economic damages." "Mi2g also notes that the Sobig virus alone accounted for $29.7 billion of economic damages worldwide."

This is double the estimated damages bill for the Klez virus that struck last year. Thankfully, the virus has now deactivated; so hopefully we'll all get a break enabling us to better prepare for similar attacks in the future - which are bound to happen.

I just did a quick calculation and we received over 91,000 email viruses between August 22 and September 10.

I regularly make mention of this, but given the number of infections by this virus, it doesn't hurt to mention it again - *nobody* can afford to be without anti-virus protection any more, and if you do have an anti-virus solution installed on your system, you really need to check for updates daily. 

If you can't afford a premium software package, or want to thoroughly test a software solution for virus protection before purchasing, I recommend AVG from Grisoft. I've been running AVG for quite a while now and it has detected, intercepted and protected us against hundreds of thousands of viruses that have hit our inboxes. You can pick up a free version of AVG here:


Solong, SoBig - for now..

On an entirely different note

Recently my partner and I became child sponsors as part of the World Vision program. We had been skeptical prior to joining as we'd heard all sorts of negative rumors about these programs; but given recent world events we just had to do something. 

The results have been amazing. Your sponsorship of a child *can* make a difference. You can learn more in our World Vision review 

It would be great to see many other online businesses participating in and promoting these kinds of programs. Combined, we have a huge reach and can really raise awareness in the community about child sponsorship. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me or World Vision in your country. You'll not only save a child, but assist an entire community help themselves.

Ecommerce powering along - US statistics

According to a recently released report from the the US Department of Commerce, retail ecommerce sales for the second quarter of 2003 were over $12.4 billion, which is an increase of 27.8 percent over the same quarter in 2002. Ecommerce sales in the second quarter of 2003 comprised 1.5 percent of all retail sales in the USA.

Live chat software - info, review and free trial

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on the newest bleeding edge applications - live chat plug in services for web sites. At that time, while I could see the value in the technology; I was also concerned about privacy issues.

During the last couple of years, Live Chat services have moved from the fringe and into the mainstream - many thousands of sites use these services and customers look for it. Any misgivings consumers may have had regarding privacy has been overpowered by the convenience that live chat provides.


PayPal and eCommerce

If you're looking for a cheap ecommerce solution and haven't reviewed PayPal's services for a while, it's well worthwhile examining them again. For ecommerce oriented sites looking to only sell a few products, PayPal offers a great little shopping cart free as part of it's services; along with its more established services such as Buy Now Buttons, Subscriptions,  Recurring Payments and Donations. PayPal have also recently extended the number of supported countries. 

The shopping cart offered by PayPal is really quite flexible - it allows for sales tax, product options, and a highly customizable environment all designed for ease of implementation - and at the right price ;)

If you need something with a little more power, extended functionality such as affiliate program integration or have multiple products you wish to sell, try our shopping cart software reviews

Recent articles/updates on Taming the Beast.

Anchor Text - more than just linking.

It's becoming increasingly apparent that some search engines are now placing increasing value on the anchor text in links pointing into a site. To learn more about anchor text issues; view my new article

I've been updating a few search engine marketing articles in the last few weeks that may be of some interest to our subscribers:

Title tags tutorial - making the most of your page title tag; an important factor in search engine ranking.

Meta-tags tutorial - meta tags are still an important part of overall search engine strategy. 

Reciprocal linking - good manners can get you great links!

eCommerce & Marketing tools downloads

Internet macro software - many tasks we perform on a day to day basis can be automated through the use of macro software. Iopus Internet Macros is an award winning package designed specifically for web oriented tasks. You can download a trial copy via Taming the Beast.net - learn more about Internet macros.

Do you manage an affiliate program? Looking for an faster way to increase the number of "super affiliates" you recruit? Review the Super Affiliate Generator

We've reviewed a few nice autoresponder software and mailing list solutions over the last months. You can read our results and download evaluation versions of some of our autoresponder/mailing list manager picks.

That's it for this issue. Thanks for taking the time to read the ezine, I hope that you are finding the information of value.

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