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Get the most from your music using these great software titles. Most offer immediate download
options and some are free trial or shareware. You'll find the best mp3 converter, cd ripper and wav editor
applications in our selection - check back often as we continue to scour the Internet for the best software!  


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CD, MP3, WAV Ripper, converter and copying software. 

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MP3 CD Converter 

Great CD-burning software for creating standard Audio Compact Discs from your MP3 downloads! The Audio CD's it burns can be played with your home stereo or car CD audio system! But it also does much more than that!

Download a free trial of the MP3 CD converter software now! (1.8 meg). Fully registered software only US$19.95. Registering entitles you to free upgrades! Registration details included with the software.

System Requirements:

  • CD Writer
  • Pentium 200 PC or higher, 32M RAM or more
  • Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
  • Download a free trial! (1.8 meg)

Software Features:

Import music tracks from multiple CD's

MP3 CD Converter can rip your selection of music from multiple CDs and then burn them onto one CDR.  

Convert MP3 to CD without straining your hard drive

No temporary disk space is required and you don't have to convert the MP3 files to WAV format before burning.

Excellent Normalization Features

You can be assured of the same, even sound even if the MP3 files vary in sound level. Download a free trial!

Powerful Search Function

Locate your MP3 files and add them to the CD layout quickly and easily.

Includes a Mini-Player

MP3 CD Converter comes with a great player! Download your free trial software! Download your free trial software now! (1.8 meg)

Many other great features!

- Supports WAV, M3U and PLS Playlist files
- Recognizes the ID3v1 and v2 tag
- Very easy to use with intuitive interface 
- Print labels
- Supports CD-Text
- Burn proof technology
- Skinnable software
- Multi-language support

This great ripping software writes Audio CD in Disk-At-Once (DAO) mode and is supported by most recent CD-Writers. 

Fully registered software only US$19.95. Registering entitles you to free upgrades! Registration details included with the software.

System Requirements:

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MP3 Ripper + DVD copier!

Other great ripping products:

Get a CD to MP3 ripper and also the best DVD to CD copying software program (no DVD burner required) all in one special package deal 


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