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Yahoo Publisher Network To Close

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday April 2, 2010 )

Another hit for the little publisher trying to make revenue from content sites. On March 31, Yahoo! announced the closure of the Yahoo! Publisher Network.

The closure is effective April 30, 2010 and the company says this only affects “small publishers” who syndicate our Content Match (contextual) listings.

Yahoo mentions the word “small” in the title and 3 times in the 3 paragraphs of the short statement and repeated the fact that “large” publishers would not be affected a couple of times. They were very keen to make the distinction and what the benchmark is for those two sizes is anyone’s guess.

I remember applying for the beta rollout quite a long time ago but as I wasn’t based in the USA (although the majority of my visitors are US folks), I was rejected. It appears the service never lost the beta tag and while starting out strongly, from what I’ve read in the ensuing buzz about the closure, the quality degraded.

Yahoo are recommending the “small” group of “small” publishers try Chitika. I gave Chitika a trial in the early days, but didn’t have much luck as the service was focused around selling consumer electronics at the time. Quite a few others shared the same experience, but again in the related forum discussions I’m reading, Chitika has come a long way since.

Of course, there’s always ole’ faithful – Google AdSense, which so many of us have done well from.

The surprising thing about Yahoo! Publisher Network shutting down is that it’s not long until Bing starts delivering search results for Yahoo!; both organic and (as far as I know) paid. Why not flip the current publishers over to whatever is next and keep those publishers in the family rather than directing them elsewhere as surely there were some quality “small” sites among them.

In late February, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced that they have received go-ahead for their alliance from the US DOJ and the European commissions; so I guess Bing results in Yahoo aren’t all that far away.


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