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YaBing search? Or will it be BingHoo?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday July 29, 2009 )

It seems an unholy alliance may be about to occur – Yahoo using Microsoft’s Bing search platform for its own search results.

In order to take on Google, the two may join forces as while they both have elements of an overall successful search engine, neither has it all. No doubt Yahoo has also been eyeing Bing’s increase in popularity with some trepidation as the gains that Bing is making appears to be at Yahoo’s expense.

According to AdAge, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer recently said MS would be willing to spend 5% to 10% of Microsoft’s operating income on search for up to five years; which is an astronomical figure; somewhere between $5.5 billion and $11 billion.

The deal would allow Microsoft to gain roughly 30% of the search marketplace on its own platform.

According to CNN, who obtained the info from The Wall Street Journal, the two companies have finally come to a search deal and will announce the details of the agreement in the next 24 hours. It’s expected the arrangement will primarily be in the form of revenue share rather than cash up front.

I asked the question a couple of weeks ago whether it’s time to optimize for Bing – and it seems that it may well be; or at least to keep Bing in mind when developing pages. Regardless of whether this deal comes off or not, I’d still lean towards focusing on Google. However, for those site owners who have trouble ranking on Google, yet are doing nicely on Bing, an alliance could be a very good thing for them indeed.


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