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What matters now

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday December 15, 2009 )

I’m a bit of a Seth Godin fan; I find his blog to be a refuge from marketing, even though it has a strong focus on the topic.

It’s hard to explain.. for me, visiting Seth’s blog is like leaving the hustle and bustle of city and heading out into the country. You slow down, you consider, you start thinking about values and issues related to marketing from different angles.

Seth’s no country bumpkin living in the past though; he has his head well into now and the future. In fact, he’s somewhat shaped the modern world of marketing; not based on seedy tactics, but authenticity.

I don’t always agree with what Seth has to say nor do I put everything he says into practice, but I can never say he’s wrong. He’s just different. He’s my dose of marketing Zen.

OK, so the Seth fanboy part of this post is now over. The other topic I wanted to write about is a free ebook Seth is offering called “What Matters Now” (PDF).

The ebook isn’t the world according to Seth, it contains the thoughts of over 70 authors and thinkers compiled by Seth.

“It’s designed to make you sit up and think, to change your new year’s resolutions, to foster some difficult conversations with your team.”

The contributors are heralded as being “important people”. I don’t recognize many of them, so they aren’t important to me at all. However, what they have to say is. A lot of it is common-sense stuff delivered in a way that gives the concept more meaning. All of the contributions are bit sized chunks you can read in the morning and then ponder over during the day.

This isn’t an ebook that is just a wind-up to sell you a junky information product. It’s just a compilation of concepts and knowledge that apply as much to day to day life as to online business.

Anyway, even if you don’t have the time to read any of it now, download “What Matters Now” here (PDF) and stick it on your desktop. If you have a quiet moment or are feeling uninspired, open it up and have a flick through it; you’ll be sure to find something to boost your spirits, help identify an issue, heck, it may even provide you with the inspiration to change the world!


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