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Web marketing salary survey

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday May 21, 2006 )

As online marketers, it’s an odd environment we find ourselves working in. Many of us work from home offices in countries outside of where our employers are located. Wages, employment conditions and such can become quite a gray issue.

Have you ever wondered what the work you do is valued at in terms of salary averages? Perhaps the following can give you some indication.

Reported on Internet Retailer from figures drawn by Crandall Associates’ “2006 National Salary Guide-Direct Marketing and Telesales”, here’s how a few web marketing related positions stack up. The first figure is years experience, the second set is expected salary range. All figures are in USD

Internet Marketing Director:

1-3 / $79.9k – $87.7k
4-7 / $84.6k – $95.4k

Search engine optimizaton manager

1-3 / $45.1k – $55k
4-7 / $50.3k – $75.1k

Email marketing manager

1-3 / $60.2k – $69.1k
4-7 / $66.2k – $72.3k

Internet marketing manager

1-3 / $58.8k – $65.8k
4-7 / $64.7k – $81.9k
7+ / $79.2k – $84.5k

Web site manager

1-3 / $55.5k – $67.7k
4-7 / $65.8k – $80.2k
7+ / $77.6k – $95.3k

Before you go storming into your bosses office or sending an email demanding a better salary, a couple of things to bear in mind:

a) I wasn’t able to ascertain the *size* of the companies surveyed from the excerpt – their annual turnover, profits etc – that plays a major factor in determining salaries they are prepared to pay.

b) I also wasn’t able to ascertain if the figures were just salary, or the whole salary package – for example, including medical benefits and retirement schemes – which are of little use if you’re not based in the same country anyway.

c) It’s not clear the educational background required to achieve those salaries, especially at the high end i.e., degree vs. the school of hard knocks :). Oops, that may be an Aussie saying. The “school of hard knocks” means hands-on experience in the real world without a formal education or qualification in that particular field.

I guess all those details are explained in the full report – so if you’re hunting around for another job, you can choose to pay Crandall Associates $75 for the report or register with them as a job hunter which is free and receive a free copy. The report contains salary information on 72 job functions, broken down by years of experience and regional variances.

Know of any other good source for salary surveys for online related roles?

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