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Video – less bling = more kaching

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday May 6, 2010 )

We’re used to sitting through the opening credits of a show. We do so as we’re going to be rewarded with a half hour or whatever of entertainment (minus ads of course). With many videos used to promote a product, they are far shorter and waste too much time before getting to the real information.

Even TV series have a tendency these days to cut to the chase and get on with the show – this is an effort to grab the viewer before they start channel surfing and the time saved allows for more advertising.

In the online world, video is still in its infancy. Depending on the user’s connection; the video may stop and start while buffering – so the video needs to be really interesting. Additionally, people have short attention spans and if your video has a long winded introduction that doesn’t really serve any purpose, unless it is incredibly entertaining; expect people to click away.

Video designers like to incorporate a bunch of whizz-bang effects or complex animated introductions into videos and often not well.

Remember, people are used to special effects designed by experts – and anything done with basic video software is a little ho-hum; particularly after movies of recent years such as Avatar.

Show people you respect their time – give them what they are expecting – whether it’s a demonstration of a product, a tutorial, entertainment or a mixture of all three.. but minimize or leave out anything that doesn’t fit in with the goal of your video.

Also ask yourself if a video is really necessary before you invest the time and money in creating one.

A couple of times now I’ve seen landing pages that convert well suddenly start performing badly when a video is used. Just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes videos are the equivalent of “splash pages” – creating more friction rather than helping to generate leads or sales.


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