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Video in email marketing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday May 20, 2010 )

Video has always been a tricky business when it comes to email marketing campaigns, but this service says it takes out the complexity of getting the right video format to recipients.

According to LiveClicker, a minimum of eight video file formats and static images need to be created from every source video asset to cover various compatibility issues between different email clients. For example.

– Flash video playback is supported at AOL only
– Animate .gifs play back at different frame rates in different browser
– Older versions of Internet Explorer (IE6) do not support animated .GIF compression
– Mobile devices may not have the bandwidth to play video effectively
– Some new browsers support HTML5 (an emerging standard for video playback) but older versions don’t.

Liveclicker says their Video Email Express eliminates all this complexity by automating deployment across mail clients and web browsers using a variety of approaches – and it works with any email marketing software package. You just upload video and the platform prepares the necessary formations. I’m assuming you’re then provided with a code to embed in your email campaign and then the LiveClicker service automatically figures out the format needed to be displayed when the email is opened, or presents a still image if there is no compatible format or if bandwidth is limited.

I took a look at a couple of examples on the LiveClicker site – it’s not exactly motion picture quality stuff, but quite impressive – however the bandwidth sucked up by these ads isn’t – one example I looked at was 1.9 megabytes. It would probably annoy people with stingy bandwith caps – like moi!

Anyhow, there’s no doubt it’s a sign of things to come and I’m sure the technology is only going to improve; so if you’re interested in adding video to your email marketing campaigns, check out LiveClicker Video Email Express.


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