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Twitter’s looming demise?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday June 19, 2009 )

In Australia we have a term “tall poppy syndrome” and it seems that Twitter has become one of its victims.

In this country, we’re often cheering on the underdog, but once the battler hits the big time as we then have the tendency to cut them down.

I’m a relatively late convert to Twitter after having sat back and read what others had to say about its merits for quite some time. Originally I couldn’t see the point of it, but I realized that once it grew to a certain size would be a good way to attract visitors and it could have good viral potential – and only having to crank out 140 characters rather than a lengthy post to attract that traffic is a dream. Like Google, it’s beauty is in its simplicity.

While it’s not a major traffic source for any of the projects I use it on and I’m not a tweetaholic, the visitors it does refer is well worth the minute or two I spend on posting stuff a few days a week. I not only use it to flag new content and offers, but to give old content that’s still relevant a new breath of life.

Anyhow, it seems some high profile publications are running stories predicting the imminent demise of Twitter, but as eMarketer points out; while Twitter only had 19.7 million unique visitors during May, well under what better established services such as MySpace and Facebook attracted, its growth rate is phenomenal – in excess of 1,000% over the previous year.

There are businesses both large and small using the service as a vehicle to promote special offers and reaping the rewards. So, don’t necessarily believe the gloom and doom about Twitter, give it a try yourself as it’s certainly not a huge investment of time – it might be just the thing for your online business to help crank sales in these trouble times.


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