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Twitter goes mainstream

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday April 18, 2009 )

It’s official – Twitter has turned the corner and is now mainstream.

Amid some tortured sounds of wailing and the gnashing of teeth of early adopters, geeks and nerds, I think the last couple of days will be recognised as the point where Twitter really, really, really took off.


Twitter has already been growing incredibly fast over the past year – over 700%; but two events in the last few days have really raised awareness of the service in Joe and Joeline Surfer’s consciousness.

The first event – Ashton Kutcher had challenged CNN to a race to see who would get 1 million followers first and this challenge was heavily publicised. Kutcher won at around 2 a.m. ET USA Friday. It’s now around 5 am USA ET Saturday and Kutcher has already bypassed the 1,130,000 follower mark.

The second big event also early Friday was when Oprah Winfrey posted her first tweet. Not even 24 hours later, she has a quarter of a million followers.

I mentioned a few days back that I thought it was getting close to time for most small online business owners to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, even if it’s just to post news items about your business and your industry in general from time to time. I recommended at the very least signing up for an account so you could grab your business name.

I’ll rephrase that recommendation – it’s no longer a suggestion – just do it.. now :).


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