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Monetizing your Twitter stream

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday October 20, 2009 )

Want to generate some cash from your Twitter account? This might be a goer- a new ad network for Twitter publishers that has already attracted some big names.

I’m not overly into Twitter, although I use it for a couple of projects a couple of minutes a day and it does send quite a few visitors. In fact, in relation to the value of the time spent, it’s probably some of the most cost-effective promotion I do. It’s not just the initial clicks, but the knock on effects through content being linked to as a result of a Tweet.

However, for others, Twitter is more than just a sideline and forms an important part of their online presence. Unless you’re a company promoting your own products via Twitter, the challenge up to now has been monetizing a Twitter stream. Content publishers can post links to articles containing ads or just post ads; but what has been scarce are ad networks that focuses on Tweets as the advertising medium.

Enter is an in-stream advertising platform that matches Twitter publishers with brands. It enables advertisers to reach the Twitter audience by connecting them with influential people in the community.

How “influential” you need to be to get on board with, I don’t know, but they do have some pretty big names among their publishers. automatically sends 1 tweet in your feed every other day for 7 days for each advertising campaign that you approve. You set the price per tweet that advertisers pay, but Adly will suggest a price for you if you’re not sure how much to ask. While is not affiliated directly with Twitter, the company says it securely connects with Twitter via their supported APIs.

While the Tweet will appear to come from you; remember that you get to approve the ad and wording first. For the sake of disclosure, at the end of every tweet is the following (Ad by

How estimates ad values given all the Twitter users who boost their readership with “low quality” followers by using automated tools using a rather shotgun approach, I’m not sure. I guess some of the calculation would involve seeing how many re-tweets a Twitter account has generated and inbound links to profiles from external sources.

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