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SEO – Bing fever taking hold

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday September 1, 2009 )

After the recent announcement that Yahoo! will be using Bing results, many in the SEO game are scrambling to learn more about the engine.

While it might be ten months to a year before Bing results start showing up on Yahoo, what hasn’t escaped many in the industry is that once it occurs; Bing will effectively have 28% market share.

Currently, most site owners focus on Google as the fractured share of Yahoo and Bing isn’t really worth chasing; particularly if it would interfere with Google rankings. However, 28% makes it a whole new ball game under certain circumstances.

I’m not suggesting that everyone go out and optimize for Bing now, particularly if it may endanger Google rankings. In fact, that may be somewhat a waste of time given that Bing’s algorithm seems to be undergoing some heavy tweaking – but it’s just something to keep in mind as the months go by.

The YaBing, Binghoo – whatever you’d like to call it – situation also offers hope for site owners who for whatever reasons cannot rank well on Google.

But there is a flip side to all this – site owners relying on Yahoo rankings. If I were in that situation, I’d be getting a little nervous and monitoring Bing results carefully; while paying a little more attention to ranking well on Google.

For the rest of us, I think the idea is just continue working with Google best practices and keep an ear to the ground. From what I’ve researched so far, the basics of search engine optimization should continue to work well once Bing settles. Sure, some will find tricks and loopholes to rank higher in Bing, but as with Google, “tricks” that tend to be a little closer to black hat strategies than white often get stomped on after a while – and it’s a very long road back from Google hell.

Just on that point, no doubt there will be a slew of products coming out shortly for gaming Bing – just ignore them, these things tend to be flash in the pan and do more long term harm than good.


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