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“Secret” search engine strategies

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday June 21, 2010 )

If you had a killer tactic that generated bundles of search engine traffic, would you sell it to others? Maybe, but only if it satisfied one of two criteria.

1) You had already milked it for all it was worth
2) You felt you could make more from selling it than applying it yourself.

Let’s say you had a secret “killer” Google strategy that allowed you to make money with next to no effort… and I’ve seen these sorts of spiels around for information products quite often.

If it was that easy and there was so much money to be made, you certainly wouldn’t be giving it away for $97!

If you’re promised number 1 rankings on highly competitive keywords if you buy and apply the information – what happens when ten other people selling the same products that you do buys it too? There can only be one number 1.

While people touting this stuff may have made $437,876.83 or whatever they claim through the strategy – that may have been some time ago; or over 10 years; or may have just applied the tweak to an already huge site with tons of traffic.

The devil is in the detail.

The offer of a money back guarantee isn’t necessarily an indicator that the strategy will work either. It’s common for people to buy these products, give up on them but not claim the refund – and in some cases, that’s what the vendor is betting on. Sell a thousand copies of the “secret” for $97, even if half are refunded, that’s still a tidy sum.

The days of gaming search engines, particularly Google, are pretty much over, so just be very wary of falling for these claims.

It always saddens me to see struggling online business owners fork out cash they cannot afford for information products that promise a lot, but deliver little. Take the advice of professional gamblers and don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose.

As someone who has been involved with SEO for over a decade now, I can tell you there are no real “secrets” as such to getting top rankings. All the information you need to do so is freely available and much of it is just common sense. What I can promise you is that in more situations than not – getting that number 1 spot is hard work and requires persistence.

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