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Search engine wars – October update

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday October 9, 2009 )

Is the honeymoon over for Bing? I feel it’s a little early to be making those sorts of predictions – although some already are – but Bing has lost some market share this month after a promising upwards trend in previous months.

According to Hitwise, after having 9.48% of U.S. market share in August, Bing dropped to 8.96% last month – a loss of 5%. Yahoo! also lost market share; down 3% to 16.38%, but Google gained a full percent to reach a tad over 71%.

I tend to view Yahoo! and Bing stats as one figure now, considering that soon Bing will be providing Yahoo! with search results. So, combined, Yahoo! and Bing have over 25% market share – quite a healthy slice and something worth bearing in mind in regards to search engine optimization next year.

I still think Microsoft are onto a good thing with Bing – it’s certainly their best effort in search to date and it’s been nice to see them being able to shake things up a bit, particularly after the deal with Y!.

It’s quite amazing how much market share Bing, Google and Yahoo have. The remaining 53 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool, including Ask, accounted for less than 4% of U.S. searches. Take Ask out of the remaining, and it’s just over 1%

That’s why when an SEO company says they’ll submit your site to 100 search engines; it’s hardly worth the money. In fact, any SEO company that makes this offer, I’d question their abilities and approach – as they would know it’s not really worth the effort either.


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