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Toilet roll style sales page record

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday October 24, 2009 )

I believe I’ve just seen the longest “toilet roll” style sales letter page ever.

From the top of the sales page to the first call to action was an incredible 37 screens long.

I’ve written on the topic of (what I call) toilet roll sales letter pages before and detailed the formula – the concept can be very effective, but what seems to have happened over the years is they keep getting longer.

That’s not so much a problem in itself, but sticking the only “buy now” button right at the end of it can be counterproductive I feel.

Each person has a different tolerance level for spin or need for information. Some people would see the 37 screens worth of information and feel obliged to read it all. Others will skim and may miss important parts of the copy that will trigger them to purchase or see something half way down that discourages them from buying. Others may get distracted during the marathon reading event and simply never return.

Getting to the point within the first screen or two followed by a buy now button, then more blather, then another button and so on takes little effort – if you have particularly lengthy sales letter page, give it a whirl and see if it improves conversions.


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