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The most expensive keywords

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday October 17, 2009 )

A recent report from AdGooroo highlights some of the most expensive (or highest paying – depends on which end you’re working) keywords around.

If you’re an AdSense publisher with a high ranking site on any of these terms, good luck to you! If you’re an Adwords advertiser targeting these terms, all I can say is that your ROI would want to be good!

The most expensive keyword is… you guessed it:


.. the maximum cost per click for that one is a whopping USD$ 99 on Google Adwords!

Some keywords above $70 cost per click maximum (Google):

buy structured settlements
data recovery san jose
paxil lawyers
annuity loans

Keywords $60 – $70 cost per click maximum (Google):

purchasing structured settlement
student loan debt consolidation
asbestos law firm
secured loans
sell my structured settlement payment
asbestos law firms
paxil birth defects
structured settlement sale
sale settlement structured
asbestos lawyers
bank of america home equity loan

Law and loans seems to be where the really big biccies are at; but before you start cranking out pages targeting these words with view to making a fortune from Google Adsense or other contextual advertising networks, bear in mind that mesothelioma has been a top priced word for some years now – so you’ll have stiff competition to get listed on the first 3 pages, let alone the top 10.

In other words, it’s probably wise not to even bother :).

For the curious, more top price keywords can be viewed in AdGooroo’s report (registration required – free).

I wonder if Google will see this post as being spammy given all the keywords I included above, their value and the fact TTB has nothing to do with any of those topics :).


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