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Relevant landing pages boost conversions

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday December 2, 2009 )

A new survey has found that many retailers are not using targeted landing pages linked in with their search ads.

CrownPeak’s “Holiday PPC Ad Strategies” study found that that nearly two thirds of holiday-themed online search advertising is driving web traffic to a site’s home page or landing pages that do not reflect the origin of the traffic.

According to CrownPeak CEO Jim Howard, by driving traffic to irrelevant content or the company’s home page, marketers are virtually guaranteeing that they aren’t going to convert browsers to buyers through online ads.

However, by tying campaigns to landing pages with a specific and relevant call to action, it can improve conversions by up to 40 percent.

I wouldn’t argue with that – I don’t know how many times I’ve clicked a PPC ad then been sent to the site’s home page, then have to dig through the site to find (or not) what I wanted.. and that’s when I’ve even bothered if a link to the relevant information or product isn’t smack bang on the page. Advertisers lose millions each year through this laziness, and it certainly doesn’t take all that much effort to tie the ad and landing page together.

Of the 66 percent of advertisers that did not tie specific landing pages relevant to the search ad, almost 13% of these went to the advertiser home page. The remainder of the misdirected ads sent traffic to general category pages, or search results on the merchant’s site.

It’s simply amazing how much difference a focused landing page can make. This doesn’t just apply to PPC ads, but also email marketing campaigns. Pick up some tips on creating and optimizing landing pages.


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