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Google Caffeine rolling out?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday April 20, 2010 )

Have you noticed your site bouncing around in Google’s search engine results lately? You might be seeing Google Caffeine.

I mentioned Google Caffeine in a post late last year – it’s the next generation of Google search architecture. It appears Google have been progressively rolling it out (and at times, rolling it back) over the last few weeks.

Whatever your rankings are at the moment, good or bad, don’t pop the cork on the champagne bottle or jump out the window just yet – I don’t think this is over yet.

So what’s the secret in getting ranked well under Google’s new search architecture?

If I knew that definitively for Caffeine or any other incarnation of Google Search, I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d either be busy on the island nation I bought through the billions of dollars I made through implementing that knowledge, or hiding from Google’s Ninja Assassin Team.

But seriously, search engine optimization techniques for getting decent ranking on Google aren’t rocket science and it always surprises me how much effort people put into “tricks” or how they’ll part with their cash to acquire the latest killer ranking tools that often don’t work or only work for a while.

Ranking well on Google boils down to these:

– Write interesting and key term rich content

– Seek links from related, quality sites

– Link out to related, quality sites

– Use relevant keyword rich anchor text on internal links

– Use keywords in naming files and folders (and domain name if you can)

– Be sure to have a unique title tag and description tag on each page

.. however, under Caffeine, there appears to be a few other points worth observing that may get you extra Google love either directly or indirectly through their use; and they are:

– Keep adding fresh (quality) relevant content; don’t let your site go stale

Optimize your page load speed

– Get busy on social networks i.e Facebook fan pages and marketing via Twitter

– Offer social bookmarking features on your site

That’s really all there is to it! Don’t expect miracles overnight, but keep at it and it will pay off.


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