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Keeping in touch boosts sales

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday September 28, 2009 )

Early last year I purchased a few antennas from a company and was really pleased with the products and service. I now need to buy some more related equipment, but the problem is, I can’t remember who I bought the first lot off.

I’ve searched for about half an hour trying to locate the site; but I’ll be darned if I can find it. The original invoice is in a scary-sized archive box stored off site, something that I won’t even try tackling.

It looks like I’ll have to find a new supplier, which is a great shame as the original merchant put some time in with the first sale, offering me some excellent advice. Given the time the company invested in me the first time around, the profit from that sale would have been slim – the next sale would have provided a little cream.

There’s two lessons here – for the merchant and for me:

For me – I should have remembered to bookmark the merchant – or at least bookmark it in a way I could find it :).

For the merchant – the company should have kept in touch with me. I’m not talking about a personal note every week; just a newsletter, or even a sequential autoresponder (aka drip marketing) based note occasionally to remind me who they were.

While loyalty can be fickle on the web, if you provide a good service, people will want to come back. However, if the type of purchase is intermittent, there’s a chance folks wont remember who you are and may not even put in the time that I did to locate you.

Keeping in touch with customers is very easy to do, particularly with the great email marketing software and services now available. They may cost a few bucks and a little time to set up; but the extra sales that can be generated should pay back your investment many times over.

But what about folks who visit who aren’t customers…yet? The best way to grab them is with a pop-up subscription (hover ad) box. I’ve used this strategy on quite a few sites in different categories and the results are nothing short of amazing; far more effective than just having a standard subscription box on your pages.


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