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Email and partnership approaches

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday June 2, 2009 )

Each morning I go through a pile of email that’s come in overnight – newsletters, spam, etc.; the same mix that everyone with an inbox gets. But I also get quite a few partnership approaches or businesses requesting coverage on my sites or projects I’m involved with.

Some of them are so vague that I ignore them and some of them are so detailed, I put them to one side for later. The problem is, later sometimes never comes.

While it’s not necessarily a bad thing to include a ton of detail about what you’re proposing, it’s very, very important to put a brief summary at the top that can be scanned in seconds. Those points should include:

– Who you are
– The nature of your business
– The crux of the proposal; ensuring you address what’s in it for the target.

These should appear quite separate from your detailed spiel – you don’t want the email appearing as one huge lump of text.

You need to capture your target’s attention very quickly in any sort of email marketing, and that includes partnership proposals. It’s probably even more crucial in a business communication because the chances are the person is really busy and constantly in triage mode; i.e., prioritizing communication.

Sometimes it even pays just to not go into great detail – basically just have the summary and the lengthy spiel ready to go should you get a favorable reply. Thinking back over most of the affiliate programs and other partnerships I’ve entered into as a result of an email contact; it’s always been the short and sweet initial canvassing note that has grabbed my attention. Likewise, when I’ve been recruiting affiliates; the shorter, the better the results.

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