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Die, Infographics – Die

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday July 13, 2013 )

In 2011, I lamented infographics. Nothing has changed in nearly two years and I had hoped they would be a threatened species by now.

It wasn’t to be. In any week, I’ll still get a half dozen or so emails from companies that have developed infographics they want me to publish.

As soon as I see the world “infographic”, it’s all over, red rover – it’s not going to happen. This might mean I miss out on a handful of decent infographics, but it saves me the time of looking at 100 that are utterly crap.

The problem with so many infographics is they tend to use rubbery figures; the “facts” are poorly researched and often don’t even bother quoting sources. Even if they do, those resources aren’t clickable. Performing due diligence on an infographic can be quite difficult.

They are also often huge in screen size; which doesn’t suit the space I have available. File size can also be an issue, making them slow to download.

Other problems with infographics include any real information is in image based text. Search engines can’t read it and I can’t grab snippets to use in an accompanying article.

To me as a publisher, an infographic is a lot of work for little return; so I simply don’t bother these days.

As for infographics offering better recall; I honestly cannot remember any infographic – even ones I found to be okay.

If you’re considering developing an infographic as a promotional tool; my advice is don’t – I think your time and money are better spent on developing an informative “evergreen” article. By evergreen, I mean something where the information won’t date, or won’t date quickly.

Infographics come and go, but evergreen articles can be forever – well, in Internet time anyway.

I hope in 2 years from now, the prevalence of low quality infographics have gone the way of the dodo; but I think it’s a pipe dream.


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