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Cyber Monday emails MIA

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday December 7, 2009 )

It seems that last Monday, Cyber Monday, the “official” kick-off to the online holiday shopping season saw a huge chunk of email marketing campaigns disappear into a black hole.

Nearly a quarter of email marketing messages were not delivered to recipients’ inboxes last Monday according to Pivotal Veracity.

Deirdre Baird, president and CEO of Pivotal Veracity said that as delivery queues become choked by volume, ISP spam filters switched to paranoid mode and many marketers wound up with lower inbox delivery rates.

The data in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2009 Deliverability report is gained through Pivotal Veracity’s eDelivery Tracker Solution. The tracker maintains email addresses at hundreds of ISPs/email providers around the world, with default spam-filtering settings left intact. Campaigns are sent to the seed accounts and the system automatically logs in to each account to identify whether the message was received, sent to the spam folder or blocked.

I guess it’s not a real shock to find commercial mail being sacrificed during periods of high volume and I do wonder if this happens on a day to day basis at times during high traffic periods. Maybe there’s some wisdom in sending an email campaign during the wee hours of the morning; although I haven’t really noticed any changes in open rate statistics based on time of the day.

However, what this situation does drive home is the fact that we are not fully in control of our email marketing efforts, so the campaigns we do send need to not only be written to help avoid spam filters but to use solid email marketing software and achieve higher open rates through strategies such as using a good subject line – to make the most of what we can get through.


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