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Consumers Cool With Retargeting

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday August 18, 2013 )

An increasing number of consumers are aware of retargeting – and most don’t mind it.

Close to 60% of US online buyers surveyed in April 2013 by Adroit Digital and Toluna said they had noticed ads for products they had viewed on other sites during their subsequent online forays.

According to eMarketer, 30 percent had a positive or very positive reaction to retargeted ads and only 11% felt negatively about them. 59% had a neutral reaction.

With the vast majority of visitors who arrive on a site moving on rather than purchasing on the first visit, retargeting is a very attractive option. It can get a little expensive though, so if you’re strapped for bucks, consider instead focusing on what happens when people land on your site – pick up some tips on minimizing shopping cart abandonment.

I’m certainly not averse to being retargeted per se; it annoys me a little when I keep seeing ads for something I’ve already decided I’m not interested in. I’ve had some ads follow me around for 6 months. I’m sure I’m not alone, so that’s something that advertisers should perhaps keep in mind when configuring retargeting.

While folks can opt out of retargeting, I don’t think the fact that they can is something great numbers are yet aware of.

However, generally, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of more advanced online advertising; such as contextual ads. I remember a few years ago when I added AdSense to one of my sites; sometimes the ads would be in direct opposition to a point I was making in an article and I’d invariably get the “If you state this, why are you advertising X?”

Initially, I’d get at least a dozen of these emails a week.

Aside from AdSense becoming a little more savvy since that tie with regard to what ads to show, more folks are understanding that those Adword blocks are automatically generated based on the content of the page. I haven’t had such a communication from a site visitor for over a year now.


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