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CD business cards

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday November 1, 2006 )

I was reading an article earlier on today about a company offering gift cards in the form of cd’s that were the same size and shape as business cards. This reminded me of a colleague a few years ago who used cd business cards for his web design business with great results.

The concept is fairly simple, while the cards are rectangular in nature, the burnable surface is still round. They don’t hold anywhere near the data of an ordinary CD, around 50 – 100 megabytes; but that’s plenty for their purpose.

Here’s an example of what they look like – ‘scuse the rough graphics :).

cd business card

In fact, on doing some research on business card cd’s I noticed that these days cd’s and dvd’s come in all shapes and sizes. I really must get out more :).

There’s a stack of applications CD business cards can be used for; such as portfolios, catalogues, resumes, guides, tutorials and premium info products. Given their size, they are more likely to be carried around and shown to others, although I don’t know how well they survive in a wallet. A transparent sleeve would probably be a good idea.

When my colleague gave me one some years back, they were horribly expensive to produce; about 5 bucks a pop – but there was definitely the “oooh” factor. $5 is a drop in the ocean if it helps you to secured a contract worth thousands. But, as with all things tech related, the price has dropped dramatically since that time.

There’s quite a few companies around now who offer cd business card design and burning services, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can buy the media for around USD$25 for 50 disks and labels for approximately USD$12 per 200. CD business cards might be worthwhile considering as an extra marketing tool if you do a lot of face to face consulting and calls. Given their size, they are also small enough to be sent via snail mail in a regular envelope.

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4 comments for CD business cards
  1. Though these technologically advanced forms of business cards present the “ooh”-factor, I would like to point out several reason why sticking with the original business card is a better idea.

    1) Problems with technology – Accidentally leave it under the sun, one bad scratch, a water drop, anything else you can think of, and the informatin on your cd business card is gone.
    2) Ease of access – One of the main reasons regular business cards work so well is because of its ease of accessibility. You want a number, you find the card and the number is there. With cd business cards you have to find the media, open the cd drive, pop it in, close it, wait for it to open, and then get the number. Too much work to get a phone number if you ask me.
    3) Price – business cards are much cheaper, and keep getting cheaper. You can get a double-sided full color business card cheaper than ever before. Sites such as , and many others, offers pre-designed templates that are both unique and professional.

    I think the cd busininess card is good for an initial impact, but will annoy your client after their first use.

    Comment by PrintGuy — November 14, 2006 @ 3:15 am

  2. Hi PrintGuy, you make some good points; thanks for the comments. I think they are still viable when a big impression needs to be made and also (as on my rather crude example), contact details should be printed on the CD as well. But like you say, given the cheaper costs of traditional business cards, the paper based ones are probably the best option for most – the CD ones left for making a big splash with important clients – they certainly wouldn’t be something you’d leave a bundle of at the local computer or office supplies store :).

    Comment by Michael Bloch — November 14, 2006 @ 3:46 am

  3. Youre exactly right. If you want to make a big splash then a regular business card won’t do work as well as a cd business card. However, advancements in the industry are being made with 3d business cards.

    This very new, time consuming to make and very expensive to print. However, you don’t need to put it in a cd player to get the “wow” factor.

    The business card is made up of many layers, and works like an animated gif. If you move the card a certain way, an animation appears.

    Like I said this is still very new and we at are looking into offering it in the near future. However, because the price is so high I doubt people are going to be rushing to get it. As with everything else, the prices will come down year after year.

    As more advancements are made, numerous marketing tools will be created that will seem to make the regular business card “old news”. The fact of the matter is, regular business cards will always be used.

    Comment by PrintGuy — November 15, 2006 @ 3:05 pm


    What a joke PRINTBOY:
    “leave it under the sun, one bad scratch, a water drop, anything else you can think of, and the informatin on your cd business card is gone.”


    CARD. Heck, send wood or metal, I
    dont care!

    I’ll match you one on one or a stack
    of yours versus *1* M-3 Card.

    Ive got the video camera, Ill post
    the results. Leave a mailing address and Ill mail you one of my M-3 Cards.
    Maybe you have a camera and some

    Scott Walsh
    POB #14
    Bethlehem, GA 30620

    “The fact of the matter is, regular business cards will always be used.”

    Absurd notion man ever fly to the moon!

    Evolve early:

    Blanks, labels, etc. at:

    Stay Tuned(LIVE SOON – maybe the 1st?):

    Comment by Scott Walsh — April 27, 2007 @ 3:33 pm

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