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“Click here” call to actions still crucial

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday April 29, 2010 )

With underlined hyperlinks not really fashionable these days, some people still need to be told to “click here” in certain circumstances, or the equivalent.

I noticed this need after watching people interacting with FaceBook fan pages. A merchant/company will post a blurb, add a link to a page where more information can be gained and at times the comments really reflect that the viewers haven’t bothered clicking through. They’ll ask questions the item linked to covers or make a point the article already does.

Some of this is just laziness on the users’ part, but sometimes they have just thought the blurb as being the item.

To get around this problem, it’s pretty easy:

snippet text, blah blah blah
Read more here: anchor text and link

.. however, that still won’t help with dealing with the lazy folks and unfortunately there’s no cure for that other than making things as simple as possible and articles as brief as possible – which can then interfere with SEO efforts and folks who enjoy a good, lengthy read when it comes to articles.

Calls to action will always be an important part of getting a person to complete a desired task. Even the old “buy now” buttons have been shown to be more effective than a button that simply states “buy”.

A similar thing applies to “download” vs. “download now”. The call to action works on more a subconscious level.

What do you them to do? Take an action. When do you want them to do it? Now!

So tell people that.


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