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Anniversary email – subtle marketing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday February 19, 2011 )

I received an email from eBay Australia the other day, acknowledging I had been a member for ten years. Even for a slightly jaded and somewhat cynical person such as myself, I thought it a nice touch – and it was all in the delivery.

It wasn’t over the top, just a nice image with text thanking me for my membership. No hard sell message, no screams of special offer, no coupons, nothing else except for an accompanying smallish button that simply stated “go to eBay”.

.. and I did. Some of it was just marketer’s curiosity. Some of it was buyer’s curiosity to see if there was some sort of fantastic deal they didn’t mention. Nothing specia..ooh, look, there’s a interesting item..

Congrats eBay, you got me – with subtlety.

Sometimes we spend so much time yelling about great offers, we forget that there can be power in turning down the volume – because it’s different. The other important element is timing.

Aside from that, acknowledgment of our customers and clients on anniversaries is just a nice way to touch base with some of those who we may not have seen for some time – just to let them know we “remember” them and that we still exist.

If you have a list and you’re using decent email marketing software, it will have the details of the subscription date. Then it’s just a matter of triggering an “anniversary” autoresponder after X months or years. If you’re not hammering your lists too much as is, it might be just enough to get some long-absent visitors back to your web site, looking around and racking up a few sales for you.

Try subtle in your email marketing for a change using the anniversary approach and see how it goes.


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