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Affiliate marketing – patience, persistence

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday October 5, 2009 )

I’ve been affiliate marketing for getting on close to a decade now and aside from a little luck; patience and persistence seems to have paid off for me more times than not.

Have you ever promoted a product that should have seen commissions roll in, but nothing has eventuated? It happens to all of us. Often, the problem isn’t you – it’s them (the merchant).

Soggy cookies and other problems can see you generating sales, but never seeing the commissions. Sometimes it’s not a technical issue, just the sales process the merchant uses, well, sucks. It’s particularly frustrating when you know the product is good. At worst, the merchant is consciously ripping you off.

If you really believe a certain type of product *should* be raking in the cash, but isn’t – shop around for a different merchant sooner rather than later.

You can try contacting the existing merchant first, and it is advisable, but usually they’ll give you the same old spin – “send more traffic”.

What many merchants don’t realise is that good affiliates aren’t stupid – we work on EPC (earnings per click), much as they work on CPC (cost per click) compared to sales – a click is a big part of our investment in them and if the ROI isn’t there, more traffic isn’t going to fix it.

If you’re sending targeted traffic and it ain’t converting – don’t accept them pointing the finger at you; don’t let it rattle your confidence in affiliate marketing. Don’t let the lure of big commissions per sale keep you hanging, remember that 50% commission on 0 sales still equals 0. It’s much better to get 10% commission and actually see a regular check.

Patience and persistence doesn’t mean butting your head against a brick wall. It’s the ability to keep searching for a good merchant to work with and maximize your earnings.

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