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Adwords offers remarketing (retargeting)

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday March 27, 2010 )

Ever noticed how certain ads seem to follow you around the web? It’s called remarketing (or retargeting) and it’s now being offered to Google Adwords advertisers.

I wrote about retargeting back in 2007 and since that time its evolution has been quiet but steady.

Here’s (basically) how it works

– Visitor browses a merchant X’s site, but doesn’t buy and click off to another site.

– If the other site is part of the a retargeting ad network Merchant X is advertising with, then an advertisement for Merchant X displays with a special offer based on the content the person was viewing during their visit to Merchant X.

– Even if it’s ignored, the ad may continue to appear on other sites the person visits, offering increasingly generous specials until such time the person (hopefully) buys.

Google announced a couple of days ago the rollout of new feature which pretty much does what retargeting is designed to do, but the company is calling it remarketing. Any AdWords advertiser can now use remarketing to reach users as they’re browsing sites within the Google Content Network.

A small piece of code (remarketing tag) is embedded by the merchant on a landing page (or pages) of choice. This code tells AdWords to save visitors to a list you’ll create. As people visit the page, the cookie issued by Google Adwords is added to the remarketing list. You can then create a related AdWords campaign that targets only those people on the list and your ads will appear as they browse other web sites within the Google Adwords Content networks.

Adwords advertisers can set up and create a remarketing campaign through the new “Audiences” tab in AdWords. If you don’t already see the Audiences tab in your account, click the drop-down menu next to the tab bar, select the “Audiences” option, and click OK.


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