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Online advertising survey report

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday December 9, 2009 )

A recent survey of marketers gives some insight into what’s working for them, what isn’t and what forms of advertising are being under-utilized.

In a recent joint survey of online marketing professionals by and SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, 81.7 percent of respondents said that they implement local search advertising campaigns.

Generally, forms of online advertising which participants said provide the best ROI include:

Search – 70.7 percent
Cost-per-action (CPA) – 14.6 percent
Email – 6.1 percent
Social medial – 3.7 percent

One of the most under-utilized forms of advertising according to respondents was retargeting, also known as remarketing. This is when a user who leaves a retailer’s site without making a purchase sees advertisements for that retailer on the subsequent sites they visit.

According to MarketingVox, an average of 42.9% return to a retail site within an hour after being served a retargeting ad. The MarketingVox article quotes some pretty impressive results experienced from retargeting, such as online travel company testing Yahoo’s Enhanced retargeting experiencing a 230% increase in total bookings and a 651% increase in click-through rates.

Among other technologies felt by respondents to be under-utilized:

* Geo-targeting – 18.3 percent
* Traffic source optimization – 15.9 percent
* Keyword targeting – 13.4 percent
* Other – 3.7 percent
* Category targeting – 2.4 percent

Traffic source optimization where companies can remove under performing traffic sources such as affiliates based on their own set of rules. For example, an affiliate might refer a great deal of traffic, but that traffic may generate a lot of tire-kicker inquiries that don’t result in sales; lowering overall ROI. The same goes for PPC – traffic from a PPC ad running on a certain site within an advertising network that doesn’t translate to sales can put a big burden on an advertiser’s budget and turn what is an otherwise successful campaign into a set of distorted statistics.


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