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Advertisers don’t get Twitter

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday August 7, 2009 )

According to a recent survey, only 8% of advertisers and consumers think Twitter a very effective promotion tool. Maybe advertisers are approaching it from the wrong angle.

The Harris Interactive survey (PDF) found that among advertisers, only 8% say Twitter is very effective for promoting products and ideas while 50% say it is somewhat effective. 34% of advertisers say it is not that effective and 8% believe it is not at all effective for promoting.

Among consumers, 8% also say it is very effective for promoting ideas and products and 42% believe it is just somewhat effective. 31% consumers say Twitter is not that effective and 19% feel it is not at all effective.

I’ve found Twitter to be an excellent way to attract visitors to some projects I work on, particularly when the time it takes to do so is considered.

Maybe it’s the way I’m approaching it – I don’t obsess about it and I don’t really push products – I post Tweets about items that would interest my target group that I’ve published – news items, tips etc. It’s those full length items that contain sales messages or advertise stuff.

I’ve also found it good for attracting inbound links as many bloggers monitor the service for stories.

I’ve seen other companies use it a very effective communications platform – striking up conversations with their customers and adding a more human side to their operations; although those types of exchanges in a public forum do have their risks.

Dell said that Twitter produced $1 million in revenue over an 18 month period through sale alerts.

The key is to provide value to your target group – whether it’s information (not just sales pitches disguised as information) or authentic discounts – perhaps Twitter only discounts. This gives people even more reason to stay tuned in.

While I’d hate to rely on Twitter traffic; the couple of minutes (at the most) spent each day posting tidbits is fruitful. It’s certainly not hard work to post a 140 character message regularly.


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