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And so this is Christmas

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday December 25, 2009 )

To all the marketers out there – now that the silly season is almost over (aside from the post-Xmas sales); have you given much thought to the year ahead regarding your career?

Consider becoming a “green” marketer.

By that I don’t mean replacing the light bulbs in your office with CFLs and switching from a desktop computer to a notebook (both admirable things though), I mean applying your marketing skills to green business or low impact businesses; working with or for environmentally conscious companies.

You don’t need to tout bamboo shirts or tree free paper; you don’t even have to hawk anything strongly environmentally linked. For example, online services, downloadable software, information products – all items that have less environmental impact than perhaps many of the products you may be hawking now.

In the lead up to Xmas, like everyone else, I was bombarded with all sorts of junk email spruiking… crap. Items that get used once and never again, Items that are shoddily constructed and will break soon after they are bought, junk that serves no useful purpose.

Christmas brings all these nasty products out of the woodwork to be paraded in front of brainwashed consumers eager to swallow the swill we dish out convincing them they need to buy this stuff.

This article on The Onion summarizes Christmas marketing very nicely. As funny as it is, the tragic thing is that it’s true.

2010 is just around the corner. Our planet is in trouble.

Even if you don’t believe in climate change, perhaps you do understand the general damage we are wreaking on the planet.

Promoting poor quality, energy hogging, useless and toxic products is part of the problem. As marketers, we help perpetuate the pollution and ravaging of the planet.

We don’t have to – it’s a choice we make; and one we can change.

There are so many green businesses out there needing a helping hand in getting their products and services into the mainstream. Aside from the warm and fuzzies of being involved in the green revolution, it’s a sector that is already beginning to boom.

Green business is simply good business. Get in soon and reap the rewards – for the planet and for your career.


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