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What the font???

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Thursday March 26, 2009 )

Have you ever seen a font you just gotta have, but haven’t been able to locate it as you didn’t know the name of it?

There’s also been many times over the years when I’ve been sent something by a graphic designer that needed a minor text correction – but a deadline is looming, the designer is nowhere to be found and the font is different to anything I’ve had on my system. That’s usually been followed by a desperate search to try and find something that’s at least close to the original; often a fruitless one.

If you’ve experienced either of these scenarios, check out What The Font. It offers 2 services, an instant automated identification of the font and a forum to enlist help from font experts for hard to match font samples.

The automated service asks you to upload an example of text of the font you’re looking for. It needs to be a good quality image, with lettering around 100 pixels in height and incorporating characters that have features unique to the font style.

I tried the automated service using a couple of examples of uncommon fonts and was pleasantly surprised when it was spot on each time. If it can’t find an exact match, it will also present a series of fonts that it considers close to the style.

I was also able to download the fonts from the site at no cost as they were freeware fonts. What The Font appears to be a great service that could save online business owners, developers and designers a lot of time (and therefore money) and frustration! Check it out.


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